All about Instagram Guides and how you can use them in your marketing efforts

With a lot more competition coming from live video platforms like TikTok, Instagram is releasing cool new features to stay current and the top choice for both users and brands. One of those features is the Instagram Guide, which is a tool allowing you to curate your favorite Instagram posts, Reels and Lives in one location that you can share with your community as a neatly packed guide on a certain topic or according to a specific theme. This is an awesome opportunity for marketers to really get the word out about the brand and its offerings, while making the most of existing content.


Guides are basically curated posts and videos that the creator or brand has packaged together, paired with tips and advice, that can be shared in a story, on a feed or directly in a message. Guides revolve around a single topic that you want to expand on more for your fanbase or potential consumers, and, once created, guides will appear under the public tab in your profile so that users can access it anytime. Currently, Instagram allows three types of guides: Places, for travel-related or location-specific content; Products, for showcasing products in Instagram Shops through product tutorials or a top 10 list; and Posts, or articles and commentary that is weaved into a story on a certain topic.

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Marketers can utilize the Instagram Guides tool to really vamp up their Instagram content and keep consumers engaged. For instance, it’s possible to use Guides to revive old content that’s been sitting around for a while. Marketers invest a lot of time and effort in creating flawless content nowadays, and that effort shouldn’t go to waste. Repurpose content into neat and interesting guides for users to read and review, establishing your brand as a thought leader. In addition, brands can use Guides as a lead generation tool, similar to how it’s done on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. They can be used to share tips, tricks, and advice, which can then be continued on your company’s website through a link. Guides can also be a great way to introduce a brand on social media to new potential customers. By creating a Guide, for instance, using things that consumers have to say about the brand, or explaining the products and/or services offered, it makes it easier to engage and get the hang of what your brand is offering.

These are just a few of the ways that your brand can leverage the Instagram Guide feature. Make sure to make the most of it by creating engaging, fun and lead-generating content!