2023: 7 Influential Business and Career TikTok Influencers in Saint-Fulgent

As the world of business and career opportunities continues to expand its reach into social media channels, the popular platform TikTok provides its users with engaging content and invaluable advice. Here’s a roundup of some of the most influential TikTok influencers based in the small city of Saint-Fulgent, France, who are inspiring business and career aspirations for their viewers.

From entrepreneurs to marketers to freelancers, these TikTok influencers offer advice on topics ranging from networking to branding to finance and more. Let’s dive in to learn more about the 7 influencers who are helping shape the future of work in Saint-Fulgent in 2023.

Top 7 business & careers TikTok influencers from Saint-Fulgent:

1. Neguine – @neguine

Neguine is an influential TikTok influencer from Saint-Fulgent, with more than 1,300,000 followers and 560417 average views per TikTok. They have an impressive engagement rate of 6.25%, and 81,269 average engagements per post, making them one of the top TikTok influencers in the industry.

Their content focuses on topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. Neguine has a great understanding of the platform, and is an expert at creating engaging content. They are a great opportunity for brands to collaborate and reach their target audience.

Followers: 1,300,000

Engagement rate: 6.25%

Avg. engagement: 81,269

Avg. views: 560,417

2. Lucas – @lukarmaa_

Lucas, a TikTok influencer from Saint-Fulgent, has been creating captivating content for cultural influencers and marketers alike. With a username of lukarmaa_, Lucas has amassed 2,406 views per TikTok and an astonishing 29,791 average engagements per post, an impressive 1238.2% engagement rate. Lucas has quickly become one of the most sought-after TikTok influencers and is a great asset to any business looking to capitalize on the social media trend of influencer marketing.

Followers: 2,406

Engagement rate: 1238.2%

Avg. engagement: 29,791

Avg. views: 203,221

3. Sebastian Harris – @seb.harr15

Sebastian Harris is a TikTok influencer based in Saint-Fulgent with over 716,800 followers and an impressive average of 1005957 views per TikTok. With a staggering 123,000 average engagements per post and 17.16% engagement rate, Sebastian is seen as one of the most successful influencers from his city.

He has become a trusted source of advice for Gen Z and Millennials, providing guidance on career and lifestyle choices. He also helps them build their own presence on social media.

Followers: 716,800

Engagement rate: 17.16%

Avg. engagement: 123,000

Avg. views: 1,005,957

4. clémence esvan – @clemencesvan

Clémence Esvan is an influential TikTok influencer from Saint-Fulgent. With over 1,400,000 views and 38,488 average engagements per post, Clémence has been providing entertaining and informative content to an ever-growing audience.

Every post averages 179535 views and a 2.75 engagement rate, proving that Clémence and their work have resonated with many viewers. Clémence’s success in the TikTok community makes them an ideal figure for creating creative content and a great potential career path within the industry.

Followers: 1,400,000

Engagement rate: 2.75%

Avg. engagement: 38,488

Avg. views: 179,535

5. Capo ? – @levraiomaar

Capo ?, a Saint-Fulgent based TikTok influencer and content creator, has established themselves as a highly successful influencer with an impressive 21,800 and 13,7564 average views per post, as well as 19,729 average engagements per post and a 90.5% engagement rate. Their success and platform have made them a sought after influencer for creating engaging and captivating content for their followers. With their reach and popularity, Capo ? is an excellent example of how a solid social media strategy can lead to a successful career as an influencer.

Followers: 21,800

Engagement rate: 90.5%

Avg. engagement: 19,729

Avg. views: 137,564

6. Grandingo – @grandingo

Grandingo is a TikTok influencer based in Saint-Fulgent, France. With 955,700 followers and an average of 1554620 views per post, their content reaches a wide audience and generates a high level of engagement with an average of 235,300 engagements and a 24.62% engagement rate. Grandingo has become an expert in engaging audiences and leveraging TikTok for career success.

Followers: 955,700

Engagement rate: 24.62%

Avg. engagement: 235,300

Avg. views: 1,554,620

7. Le meilleur professeur ?‍? – @succesfrancais

Le meilleur professeur, a TikTok influencer from Saint-Fulgent with the username succesfrancais, has 69,500 followers and averages 103,374 views per TikTok post, with an average of 7,289 engagements and 10.49% engagement rate. Le meilleur professeur focuses on providing educational and career advice on their TikTok account for their followers.

Followers: 69,500

Engagement rate: 10.49%

Avg. engagement: 7,289

Avg. views: 102,374

The Bottom Line:

2023 certainly seems like a promising year for business and career content influencers on TikTok in Saint-Fulgent. With the success of the seven leaders outlined here, it is likely that more entrepreneurs and professionals will start leveraging the powerful platform to build their own personal brands and even collaborate with each other.

With their help, the future of business and career influencer culture in Saint-Fulgent looks vibrant and sustainable.