2023: Find the Top 3 TikTok Influencers for Coffee, Tea, & Beverages at Вороны

As the taste and trend of hot drinks shift with the changing times, the impact of the top influencers of the beverage industry can’t be underestimated. In 2021, millions of people have indulged in hot drinks with the help of the top TikTok influencers, who continue to shape the way that beverages are consumed in a creative and delicious fashion.

From skillful technique to new flavors, these influencers are setting the stage for what’s to come in the beverage industry in 2023. In this post, we’ll cover the Top 3 top coffee, tea & beverage TikTok influencers at “Вороны”.

Read on for an exciting look at the best beverage influencers to watch out for in the upcoming year.

Top 3 coffee, tea & beverages TikTok influencers from Вороны:

1. ksusha ?? – @efercussie

Ksusha, an influencer from Вороны and TikTok user @efercussie, has a passionate fan base — boasting 6,244 followers. Their audience is active, engaging in an average of 799 comments, likes and shares on their coffee, tea and beverage-related posts, with a 12.8% engagement rate. With 7427 views per upload, this influencer is a sure thing, delivering interesting and captivating content to an impressively engaged platform.

Followers: 6,244

Engagement rate: 12.8%

Avg. engagement: 799

Avg. views: 7,427

2. Tbilisi places to visit ?? – @belka_lerka

Introducing Belka_Lerka, the popular coffee, tea & beverages TikTok influencer from Вороны, Georgia. With 12,900 followers, they generate 17,087 views and 440 engagements per post, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 3.41%. Check out their profile for beautiful images of Tbilisi and places to visit in the surrounding area.

Followers: 12,900

Engagement rate: 3.41%

Avg. engagement: 440

Avg. views: 17,087

3. dashal27 – @dasha_lyshchyk

Meet Dasha_lyshchyk, a TikTok influencer from Вороны and the star of the coffee, tea and beverages TikTok community. With over 2,336 followers, Dasha_lyshchyk produces content that garners an average of 3422 views per post and 147 engagements. This yields a remarkable 6.29% engagement rate for all their content, making Dasha_lyshchyk one of the most successful TikTok influencers in their community.

Followers: 2,336

Engagement rate: 6.29%

Avg. engagement: 147

Avg. views: 3,422


To round up this blog post, have a look at these top 3 TikTok influencers to remain up to date with the newest trends of coffee, tea and beverages for 2023. They are sure to leave you energized and inspired.

Plus, don’t forget to take a sip and relax if you just want to enjoy something sweet or sour. Keep an eye out for their videos and enjoy the fantastic beverage culture of Вороны!