2023 Fitness & Yoga Influencers in Pali: Our Top 3 List

It’s 2023, and the fitness and yoga scene in Pali is not what it was 10 years ago. With the advent of social media came a new wave of passionate fitness and yoga influencers, and the competition is fierce! Today, we are excited to share our top 3 list of Pali’s hottest fitness and yoga influencers to watch in 2023.

From celebrity workouts to detoxing diets, get ready to be inspired!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Pali:

1. नरेश सिंह राजपुरोहित केसरिया – @nrk16_

Nareesh Singh Rajpurohit Kaesariya, popularly known by his Instagram handle @nrk16_, is a fitness and yoga influencer from Pali. He has a strong presence on TikTok – 2,505 average views per post -and his Instagram posts receive 234 average engagements and have a 9.34% engagement rate.

He is known for his inspirational fitness and yoga advice for beginners and his videos have motivated many!

Followers: 2,505

Engagement rate: 9.34%

Avg. engagement: 234

2. ?2 ????? ????️???? ??? ?????? – @kr_j2__7773

Kr_j2__7773 is a Pali-based fitness and yoga Instagram influencer. They have an impressive average of 6996 views per TikTok, and 195 average engagements per post, and have a very competitive 9.41% engagement rate.

They have become a go-to resource for people in the area looking to stay active and healthy with yoga and fitness tips.

Followers: 2,073

Engagement rate: 9.41%

Avg. engagement: 195

3. Yoga In Daily Life – @yogaindailylife

Yoga In Daily Life is an Instagram fitness and yoga influencer from Pali. Their posts feature yoga poses, tips to stay fit and in shape, and inspiring stories to motivate their followers. On average, they have 1,863 views and 6996 likes on their TikTok accounts and 150 engagements per post.

They have an impressive engagement rate of 8.05%.

Followers: 1,863

Engagement rate: 8.05%

Avg. engagement: 150

In Summary:

As we’ve seen, the 2023 Fitness & Yoga Influencers in Pali are a truly inspiring group of people. Although the list of Influencers in Pali is constantly changing, our list of the three most inspiring and motivating individuals is a great starting point for anyone looking to start their journey into the world of fitness and wellbeing.

With these three amazing Influencers leading the way, it’s sure to be an amazing and inspiring future for all of us in Pali!