2023 Influencer List: Top 3 Cars & Motorbikes Instagrammers in Iași

As Iași becomes more known for being the cultural capital of Romania and a prime spot for numerous Instagram influencers, the coming year of 2023 is predicted to be one of the most vibrant as far as automotive Instagrammers are concerned. With the surge of popularity of cars and motorbikes and their industry, the top 3 influencers of 2023, who will be based in Iași, deserve to be acknowledged and their success celebrated.

In this post, I will explore the three most influential Instagrammers in the car and motorbike industry and delve into what makes them the top stars of 2023 in Iași.

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Iași:

1. Gabi DiP – @gabi.dip

Gabi DiP is an Instagram influencer from Iași whose main focus is cars and motorbikes. With an average of 12,769 TikTok views and 27577 average engagements per post, Gabi DiP has a 10.76% engagement rate on their posts.

They also have a strong presence on other social media platforms, such as YouTube and YouTube. From their high engagement rate and content focusing on cars and motorbikes, Gabi DiP can be seen as an authority and a reliable source of information for the automotive industry.

Followers: 12,769

Engagement rate: 10.76%

Avg. engagement: 1,374

2. Car Spotter | Supercars Iasi – @carspotter.iasi

Car Spotter | Supercars Iasi is an Instagram influencer from Iași, Romania with the username carspotter.iasi. They focus on cars and motorbikes, uploading images and videos of various different types of cars from supercars to everyday cars. On TikTok, Car Spotter has an impressive average of 5,443 views and 27,577 engagements per post, with a total engagement rate of 6.76%. They are passionate about cars and have an international audience, making them an ideal influencer for related brands.

Followers: 5,443

Engagement rate: 6.76%

Avg. engagement: 368

3. Eduard_Betiuc – @eduard_betiuc

Eduard_Betiuc is an Instagram influencer from Iași, Romania. He has an impressive reach on TikTok, with an average of 1,067 views and 27577 engagements per post.

His Instagram account focuses on cars and motorbikes and he averages 138 engagements per post and has a 12.93% engagement rate in his posts.

Followers: 1,067

Engagement rate: 12.93%

Avg. engagement: 138


As we come to the end of this blog post on the Top 3 Cars & Motorbikes Instagrammers in Iași in 2023, it’s important to keep in mind that trends and social media influencers may change over time, so be sure to stay on top of the industry and who’s making the biggest impact. With this in mind, follow only those Instagrammers who appeal to you and your interests.

Who knows, you might even make it to the Top 3 list of Cars & Motorbikes Instagrammers in Iași in 2023!