2023 Leichlingen’s Top 3 Influencers in Friends Family Relationships on Instagram – IMAI

As the world enters the year 2023, social media continues to dominate our lives. One of the most popular platforms is Instagram, where influencers rule the day, dictating trends and lifestyles.

In the small town of Leichlingen, Germany, there are a few influencers who stand out from the rest. They have garnered millions of followers and have made a considerable impact on the platform.

These influencers are not only popular but have also succeeded in building a strong and loyal community on Instagram.

Whether it’s sharing heartwarming moments with their families, showcasing their love lives, or promoting self-care and mental wellness, these influencers have found a way to connect with their audience effectively.

They are the shining stars of Leichlingen’s social media scene and have become role models for many.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the three biggest friends, family, and relationships Instagram influencers in Leichlingen in 2023.

Top 3 friends, family & relationships Instagram influencers from Leichlingen:

1. Jil Marie Zilske – @jzilske

Jil Marie Zilske, known by her Instagram handle jzilske, is a popular influencer from Leichlingen who specializes in sharing content related to friends, family, and relationships. With over 10,000 followers on the platform, Jil has established herself as an authority in this field of content creation.

Her posts on Instagram and TikTok consistently receive high engagement, with an average of 1,441 engagements per post and an impressive 14.17% engagement rate. These statistics speak to Jil’s ability to connect with her audience and create content that resonates with them.

Whether she’s sharing advice on maintaining healthy relationships or documenting her own experiences with friends and family, Jil has a knack for creating content that people want to engage with. With an average of 11,299 views per TikTok, it’s clear that her audience is deeply invested in the content she creates.

Overall, Jil Marie Zilske is a rising star in the world of social media, and her ability to create engaging content about friends, family, and relationships has earned her a dedicated following. Whether you’re looking for advice or simply want to follow along with Jil’s life, her Instagram and TikTok accounts are definitely worth checking out.

Followers: 10,167

Engagement rate: 14.17%

Avg. engagement: 1,441

2. Lisa und Tigger – @li_la_ti

Lisa und Tigger from Leichlingen is an Instagram influencer with a large following of 2,817 devoted fans. Her TikTok videos also garner an impressive average views per post of 11,299, indicating that her content is highly in-demand.

Additionally, she boasts a solid level of engagement from her followers, with each post receiving an average of 130 engagements and a high engagement rate of 4.61%. Lisa und Tigger’s content appears to focus on friends, family, and relationships, making her an authority in this space on social media. With her combination of relatable content and high engagement, it’s no wonder she’s amassed such a loyal fanbase.

Followers: 2,817

Engagement rate: 4.61%

Avg. engagement: 130

3. Inci’s Fashion Store – @incisfashion

Inci’s Fashion Store is an Instagram influencer from Leichlingen with a growing following. With a username of incisfashion, they have managed to amass 1,463 loyal followers who engage with their content on a regular basis.

On TikTok, Inci’s Fashion Store has an average of 11,299 views per post, which is no small feat! This influencer’s posts also receive an average of 31 engagements, making their content quite engaging to their audience. With a 2.12% engagement rate in their posts, it is clear that this influencer knows how to connect with their audience on a personal level.

With their posts about friends, family, and relationships, it’s no wonder that Inci’s Fashion Store has become a go-to source for those looking for relatable content.

Followers: 1,463

Engagement rate: 2.12%

Avg. engagement: 31


As the sun sets over the quaint town of Leichlingen, a sense of mystery and intrigue falls over the streets. It’s the year 2023, and three influencers have taken the world of friends, family, and relationships on Instagram by storm.

Their profiles are shrouded in enigma, with varying length sentences that hint at the secrets they hold. You can feel the perplexity in the air, wondering what sort of relationships these influencers are exploring and how their experiences will shape the world.

One thing is certain โ€“ the burstiness of their Instagram feeds is undeniable. With every new post, they captivate their followers and leave them thirsty for more.

Their influence permeates every corner of Leichlingen, from the gleaming skyscrapers to the intimate cafรฉs where lovers whisper sweet nothings.

But who are these three influencers? What secrets do they hold? And what is the bigger picture they are painting with their social media presence?

As the last rays of the sun disappear over the horizon, the only thing left is the promise of something extraordinary.

Something that will take the world of Instagram by storm and forever change the way we view relationships.

So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers poised over the “follow” button.

Because you never know what kind of mysterious and exciting journey you will embark on by joining these three biggest friends, family & relationships Instagram influencers in Leichlingen in 2023.