2023: Meet the Top 3 Sports Instagram Influencers of Carmel

Welcome to 2023 โ€“ the year that digital influencers have taken the world of sports by storm! Now more than ever, athletes from all over the world are leveraging the power of social media to promote their brands and connect with fans.

Carmel is no exception.

This year, three outstanding athletes have risen to the top of the sporting world and are dominating the Instagram Influencer game. From athletes to entrepreneurs, these power players have set the bar for success in their respective fields and are challenging the norms of the traditional sporting world.

Without further ado, let’s get to know these influential figures and explore the unique ways they have used Instagram to become superstars in the sporting industry. Keep reading to learn more about Meet the Top 3 Sports Instagram Influencers of Carmel in 2023.

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Carmel:

1. Trevor Colip – @colip174

Trevor Colip is a sports and fitness Instagram influencer based in Carmel, Indiana. With a username of โ€˜colip174โ€™, Trevor has 1,518 followers and an average of 13,750 views and 391 engagements per post.

With a whopping engagement rate of 25.76%, Trevor is able to drive quality engagement for his posts and audience. His content is mainly focused on sports, fitness, and lifestyle related topics.

Followers: 1,518

Engagement rate: 25.76%

Avg. engagement: 391

2. Maverick McCoy – @maverickmccoy_

Maverick McCoy is a sports Instagram influencer from Carmel with the username maverickmccoy_. They have an average of 1,169 and 13,750 views per TikTok and 301 average engagements per post, taking their engagement rate to 25.75%. Maverick McCoy is an authority on all things sports, with specialized content in Basketball and Baseball.

Followers: 1,169

Engagement rate: 25.75%

Avg. engagement: 301

3. Phil B – @crocgt4

Phil B is a popular sports Instagram influencer from Carmel, Indiana. Using the username crocgt4, Phil has a substantial following of 5,086 fans and receives an average of 13,750 views on their posts.

Phil’s posts also have an impressive engagement rate of 5.84%, and on average 297 engagements per post. Phil is an ideal partner to work with for any brand looking to engage with the sports community.

Followers: 5,086

Engagement rate: 5.84%

Avg. engagement: 297

In Summary:

As we look towards the sports landscape of 2023 and the future of hashtag-fueled television, we are witnessing the emergence of Carmel’s top 3 Instagram influencers. What’s more, the social media empire of these young athletes is already beginning to take shape, with high followings, sponsorships, and endorsements.

From the sneakers to playing for championships, these athletes have it all. Followers around the globe are absorbing every bit of the pictures and highlights shared by the top 3, so keep your eyes and ears open – you never know what surprises they have in store!