2023 Stamford Influencers List: 3 Top Instagrammers for Kids and Babies

It’s hard to believe, but the year 2023 is fast approaching! Social media influencers are changing the game, and the Stamford Influencers List is here to showcase the top three Instagrammers of the year – and get this – they’re all geared towards kids and babies! This latest list has taken the world of influencers by storm, and you’ll never guess who made the cut! Read on to find out more.

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Stamford:

1. Chitra Penฬƒa | TaariMaa – @taarimaa

Chitra Penฬƒa | TaariMaa is an Instagram influencer from Stamford, Connecticut who specializes in promoting children’s toys and products for families with babies. She has 8,791 followers and an average of 10128 views per TikTok, with a 288 average engagements per post and a 3.28% engagement rate.

She is committed to providing wholesome content that parents and families can trust.

Followers: 8,791

Engagement rate: 3.28%

Avg. engagement: 288

2. Mr. Invincible – @daves.comics

Mr. Invincible is an Instagram influencer based in Stamford that specializes in toys, children, and baby content. He has a username of daves.comics and an impressive following of 2,080, with an average of 10128 views per TikTok and 70 average engagements per post.

With a 3.37% engagement rate, his content is highly engaging and sure to please young and old alike alike.

Followers: 2,080

Engagement rate: 3.37%

Avg. engagement: 70

3. Jane Erbe, OTR & Entreprenuer – @smartpediatrics

Jane Erbe, OTR and Entrepreneur from Stamford, is an Instagram influencer in the toys, children, and baby markets. She has 2,106 followers and her average post gets 45 engagements with a 2.14% engagement rate.

Jane also creates videos on TikTok, with an average of 10,128 views per video. Reaching parents with fun and informative content, Jane helps attract customers to her online business.

Followers: 2,106

Engagement rate: 2.14%

Avg. engagement: 45

Last But Not Least:

As we look ahead to the future of influencer marketing, we must take into consideration the younger generations of people who will be shaping the landscape of Instagram. Nothing is certain in this ever-evolving digital era, but one thing is certain: the top Instagrammers for kids and babies of 2023 in Stamford will continue to influence and affect the marketing strategies of many.