2023 Stars of TikTok Music: Ranking the Top 3 Influencers in Starodub

As the digital music industry continues to evolve and become more complex, new technologies and new digital influencers are emerging all the time. The music industry is especially vibrant in the fast-paced world of TikTok, where everyone from bedroom producers to multi-millionaire entertainers can spread their music to tremendous audiences.

In Starodub, a city on the eastern border of Russia, a new wave of stars has emerged in recent years, bringing their unique styles and passionate music to a worldwide audience. As we stand on the cusp of 2023, we thought it only appropriate to rank the top 3 Starodub TikTok music influencers and show whoโ€™s really making waves!

Top 3 music TikTok influencers from Starodub:

1. MICUL – @miculmusic

MICUL is a music TikTok influencer from Starodub with a username of miculmusic. With an average of 18,700 views and 217859 engagements per post, MICUL boasts an impressive engagement rate of 513.42%, making them one of the most popular music influencers on TikTok.

Followers: 18,700

Engagement rate: 513.42%

Avg. engagement: 96,009

Avg. views: 217,859

2. ?ะผัƒะทั‹ะบะฐ ะดะปั ั‚ะตะฑั? – @staas.yya

?ะผัƒะทั‹ะบะฐ ะดะปั ั‚ะตะฑั? (staas.yya) is a popular TikTok influencer from Starodub with an average of 57,300 views, 36,524 engagements, and 63.74% engagement rate per post. Their content focuses on music, often featuring remixes and covers, bringing amazing vibes and unique sounds to their followers.

Followers: 57,300

Engagement rate: 63.74%

Avg. engagement: 36,524

Avg. views: 353,252

3. u can call me sasha – @greatekyroga

u can call me sasha is an incredibly popular TikTok influencer based out of Starodub. With a username of greatekyroga, this influencer has amassed over 1,100,000 followers and an average of 879380 views per TikTok post.

With an average of 243750 engagements per post, u can call me sasha has a high engagement rate of 22.16%.

Followers: 1,100,000

Engagement rate: 22.16%

Avg. engagement: 243,750

Avg. views: 879,380

Final Thoughts:

As the music industry continues to evolve towards a more digital-driven future, the rise of the 2023 Stars of TikTok Music will undoubtedly continue to have a huge impact as they shape the sound and look of the next generation of music. The top 3 influencers in Starodub have set a great example for aspiring digital creatives, proving that it is possible to make a name for yourself in the music industry with hard work and dedication.

With the increasing influence of digital tech and the ever-changing face of the music industry, it is clear that the best is yet to come.