2023: The Top 3 Tucson Electronics & Computers Instagram Influencers

We all love to stay up to date with the hottest gadgets and electronics, and there’s no place more exciting to find the latest trends and reviews than on Instagram! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top Tucson electronics and computer Instagram influencers for 2023. Whether you’re interested in the latest smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, or other tech gadgets, these influencers have got you covered.

Get ready to be inspired, learn about the top trends, and discover the best pieces of equipment on the market. Read on to find out who the three must-follows are!

Top 3 electronics & computers Instagram influencers from Tucson:

1. Jen DeLuca – @jendelucawrites

Jen DeLuca (jendelucawrites) is an influencer from Tucson, Arizona that specializes in the topics of electronics and computer technology. With an impressive 7,395 average views per TikTok and 606 average engagements per post with an 8.19% engagement rate, Jen is quickly becoming a leader in the tech world.

She provides her followers with informative, educational and engaging content through her videos and posts.

Followers: 7,395

Engagement rate: 8.19%

Avg. engagement: 606

2. TheHouseOfMorton – @thehouseofmorton

TheHouseOfMorton is an electronics and computers Instagram influencer from Tucson. With over 2,701 TikTok views per post and an average of 260753 views, TheHouseOfMorton is one of the leading influencers in the field.

They have an engagement rate of 3.7%, and an average of 100 engagement per post. Go follow their page for tips and advice on all things technology!

Followers: 2,701

Engagement rate: 3.7%

Avg. engagement: 100

3. Katie J Douglas ? – @katie.j.douglas

Katie J Douglas is an electronics and computers Instagram influencer from Tucson, Arizona with the username katie.j.douglas. With over 2,500 followers on Instagram, she is constantly providing viewers with expert technical advice and resources on learning more about electronics and computers. Her TikTok videos receive an average of 260K views with 72 average engagements and a 2.82% engagement rate.

With her easy to understand tutorials and helpful 5 star reviews, Katie J Douglas is a trusted source for electronic and computer information.

Followers: 2,551

Engagement rate: 2.82%

Avg. engagement: 72

Closing Remarks:

Stay on top of the latest news in the tech world by following these hotshot Tucson Electronics & Computers Instagram Influencers who are leading the charge into 2023! Who knows, one day you might even be them! Until then, get your geek on!