2023: Top 3 Art & Design Instagram Influencers in Bucaramanga

As the new year approaches and the dawn of 2023 looms near, the city of Bucaramanga is one of the hottest destinations for aspiring art and design influencers to make their mark. With a growing number of new and established influencers, the city is bustling with creative energy, and these three standouts are leading the charge!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Bucaramanga:

1. Jahzeel Villamizar | Dibujante – @jahzeelv_jw

Jahzeel Villamizar, also known by their username jahzeelv_jw, is an art & design Instagram influencer from Bucaramanga who is an avid TikTok user with an average of 71,326 views per TikTok and an average of 12,968 engagements per post, giving them an impressive 18.18% engagement rate. They produce stunning portrait and landscape illustrations which they share on both their Instagram and TikTok profiles.

Followers: 71,326

Engagement rate: 18.18%

Avg. engagement: 12,968

2. Diseรฑadora e Ilustradora – @baezsilvia_

Diseรฑadora e Ilustradora is an Instagram influencer from Bucaramanga, Colombia, who specializes in art and design. With a username of baezsilvia_, they are quite successful, averaging 20,760 views and 425,343 engagements per TikTok and 10,565 engagements per post with a 50.89% engagement rate.

Their content is seen all around the world, with a strong focus on Latin America and Colombia.

Followers: 20,760

Engagement rate: 50.89%

Avg. engagement: 10,565

3. Jhon Alex Cruz – @jhonalexcruz_

Jhon Alex Cruz is an art & design Instagram influencer based in Bucaramanga, Colombia. He has the username jhonalexcruz_ and over 49,978 followers on TikTok and 425,343 average views per TikTok.

His Instagram account boasts 1,300 average engagements per post, with an engagement rate of 2.6%. He is an acclaimed influencer with a huge following who inspires and motivates his followers with his creative artwork.

Followers: 49,978

Engagement rate: 2.6%

Avg. engagement: 1,300

In a Nutshell:

As we look ahead to the future, many of these influencers are sure to rise up and become more influential than ever before. We look forward to watching their work in the years to come and keeping up with the development of art and design in Bucaramanga.

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