2023 Top 3 Beauty & Cosmetic Instagram Influencers in Talcahuano

2023 will bring an entirely new wave of talented beauty and cosmetic influencers to Talcahuano, Chile, and we think it’s worth taking a look at the top three! From fashionistas to makeup gurus and skincare specialists, these influencers are making a name for themselves on the ever-growing Instagram platform. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at who these influencers are and what makes them the favorite go-to beauty and cosmetic experts in Talcahuano!

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Talcahuano:

1. isaac the barber? – @barbero_isaac

Isaac the Barber is an international beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencer based in Talcahuano, Chile. With an Instagram username of @barbero_isaac, he has amassed more than 2,200 followers.

Isaacโ€™s works have gained a lot of traction from viewers, averaging 2,214 and 17,488 views per TikTok post.

He also has an average of 406 engagements and an engagement rate of 18.34%. He has shared numerous makeovers along with styling tips and tricks to improve your beauty routine. If you’re looking for some advice and inspiration on beauty and cosmetics, check out Isaac the Barber’s Instagram profile for some helpful inspiration.

Followers: 2,214

Engagement rate: 18.34%

Avg. engagement: 406

2. CkamiloBarberโ—๏ธ?? – @camiilo_barber20

Camiilo_Barber20 is an Instagram influencer from Talcahuano who specializes in beauty and cosmetics. They have an impressive 1,515 average views per TikTok and 80 average engagements per post.

Their posts also have an impressive 5.28% engagement rate.

Followers: 1,515

Engagement rate: 5.28%

Avg. engagement: 80

3. jcbarberthno – @jcbarberthno

JCBarberthno is an Instagram influencer from Talcahuano, Chile. Their stunning beauty and cosmetics content have made them an inspiration around the world.

Their TikTok content has earned them an average of 1,800 views and 17,488 average views per post, with an engagement rate of 2.06%. On Instagram, their content evokes positivity with an average of 37 engagements per post. Their passion for makeup and beauty has charmed their followers and made them an Instagram influencer to follow.

Followers: 1,800

Engagement rate: 2.06%

Avg. engagement: 37


As more and more companies recognize the importance of influencer marketing for their cosmetic and beauty products, influencers from all over the world will be competing for the top spots in the industry. In the meantime, it’s clear that the beauty influencers from Talcahuano have made an incredible mark on the industry, and they are sure to hold their place among the top 3 influencers in 2023 and beyond.