2023 Top 3 Camera & Photography Instagram Influencers from Mrągowo

As 2021 ushers in the doors of digital revolution, the budding Instagram Influencers of Mr%.gowo are joining the bandwagon. Offering breathtaking perspectives with the fluency of their artistry, these three are set to be the biggest sensation when it comes to Camera & Photography.

Unveiling the majestic world of Mregerwa through their stunning photography, each of these micro influencers possess an entirely unique style of capturing the beauty of the city. Let’s take an exhilarating and remarkable journey to explore the dynamic artistry of these three incredible Instagrammers of Mr&gowo in 2023!

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Mrągowo:

1. Iga – @igafijalkowska

Iga (@igafijalkowska), an influential Instagrammer from Mrągowo, has an impressive presence with 2,619 followers and remarkable engagement rate of 29.4%. Her videos have an average view of 2.4 million and receives 770 engagements per post. Iga captures delightful moments and frames them glamorously with her camera, making her feed an ultimate source of inspiration for photography enthusiasts.

Followers: 2,619

Engagement rate: 29.4%

Avg. engagement: 770

2. Anna Dauda – @anna_dauda

Anna Dauda is an Instagram influencer from Mrągowo, Poland and is an expert on camera and photography. This amazing content creator has over 1,492 followers and averages 2482631 views per video, as well as 242 engagements per post and an impressive engagement rate of 16.22%! Anna is an inspiring visual storyteller, and is an authority figure in the field of camera and photography.

Follow her on Instagram at @anna_dauda for captivating visuals and quality camera and photography content.

Followers: 1,492

Engagement rate: 16.22%

Avg. engagement: 242

3. Karol Kociński – @poza_domem_

Karol Kociński, a camera & photography Instagram influencer better known as @poza_domem_ from Mrągowo, has achieved a considerable level of success with his profile. Boasting 10,119 followers and 2.1% engagement rate, his posts have seen an average of 213 engagements each! His videos garner an impressive average of 2,482,631 views per video.

With such impressive figures, it’s no wonder why Karol has become a top influencer in the camera & photography realm.

Followers: 10,119

Engagement rate: 2.1%

Avg. engagement: 213

All in All:

It’s clear that the future of photography in Mrągowo is bright. The amazing artistry and narrative of these three inspirational Instagram influencers are helping create the foundation for an entirely new generation of like-minded creatives.

It would seem that the future of Mrągowo photography is assured: these influencers have opened our eyes to the endless potential and possibility of photography. Indeed, with their vibrant creative approaches, storytelling abilities, and thought-provoking work, it’ll be no surprise when these influencers become major names in the photographic world.

So, if you’re in Mrągowo, you now know who to follow!