2023 Top 3 Falkenberg Restaurants, Food & Grocery Instagram Influencers

Welcome to the world of food and grocery Instagram influencers! At the start of 2023, there is a changing tide in the food and grocery industry, and with it comes a never-ending source of inspiration for all types of food enthusiasts. To keep up with the rising tide, we’ve gathered together a list of the top 3 Falkenberg restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers who are making their mark in the 2023 food-sphere.

Get ready to explore their inspiring accounts, discover the latest food trends, and be inspired to create something special in your kitchen. Bon Appétit!

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Falkenberg:

1. Solhaga Stenugnsbageri – @solhagastenugnsbageri

Solhaga Stenugnsbageri is a Falkenberg-based restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencer with a strong focus on promoting a rustic, Scandinavian baking style. With an impressive 11,130 followers and an average of 297 engagements per post, Solhaga Stenugnsbageri has a remarkable engagement rate of 2.67%. Followers can expect to see mouth-watering pictures of authentic European baking packages and traditional recipes, as well as helpful tips on baking and baking-related topics.

Followers: 11,130

Engagement rate: 2.67%

Avg. engagement: 297

2. Swerl Coffee Roasters – @swerl_coffee_roasters

Swerl Coffee Roasters, an Instagram influencer from Falkenberg, is a cafe, restaurant, and grocery business that specializes in locally-sourced artisanal coffee. With over 3,200 followers and a 7.66% engagement rate, their posts routinely attract hundreds of likes and comments.

If you’re looking for quality coffee and an amazing visual experience, Swerl Coffee Roasters is an excellent choice.

Followers: 3,278

Engagement rate: 7.66%

Avg. engagement: 251

3. Sara Wennerström – @solhagasara

Sara Wennerström (@solhagasara) is an influencer from Falkenberg specialising in restaurants, food and grocery content. She has a following of 2,681 and her posts have an average engagement of 203, with a 7.57% engagement rate.

Her content covers a range of food-related topics from cooking techniques to restaurant reviews and recipe ideas.

Followers: 2,681

Engagement rate: 7.57%

Avg. engagement: 203

In Closing:

We hope this blog post on the top 3 Falkenberg restaurants, food and grocery Instagram influencers for 2023 helped you understand the current food and grocery influencer culture in this scenic Swedish city. With a thriving and diverse food scene, Falkenberg is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience something new.

With the help of these influencers and their carefully crafted content, both locals and travelers alike can enjoy the delicious food and ingredients that Falkenberg has to offer. There is no doubt that Falkenberg has something to offer everyone and that any foodie will leave with a full stomach and an unforgettable experience.