2023 Top Influencers List: 3 Remarkable Toys, Children & Baby Instagramers from Dothan

As technology advances, so does the evolution of influencers in all sectors. Every influencer has their own set of loyal readers, and they use their influence to create engaging content and gain traction.

When we talk about the most influential influencers on Instagram, it becomes quite competitive.

As we gear up towards 2023, we take a look at the top three influencers in the toys, children, and baby sectors from Dothan.

These individuals use their creative minds to captivate their audience with their insightful content. This list contains individuals that will surely gain fame and recognition within the next two years.

We look forward to seeing the impact they will have in the lives of their followers.

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Dothan:

1. Rob – @robmatchbox117

Rob from Dothan, is an Instagram influencer known as @robmatchbox117, who showcases and promotes toys, children and baby products. Rob’s TikTok content has an average of 4,576 views per post and an average engagement rate of 5.97%. On Instagram, Rob has an average of 5,264 engagements per post, making him a reliable source for helpful product reviews and advice.

Followers: 4,576

Engagement rate: 5.97%

Avg. engagement: 273

2. Megan Riddle Kriser – @mkriser05

Megan Riddle Kriser (@mkriser05) is an Instagram influencer from Dothan, Alabama. She produces content related to toys, children, and babies, and has an average of 1,718 and 5,264 views per TikTok and 83 average engagements per post.

Her Instagram posts have an impressive 4.83% engagement rate.

Followers: 1,718

Engagement rate: 4.83%

Avg. engagement: 83

3. Kylie Massey – @kyliemassey_

Kylie Massey is an Instagram influencer from Dothan with an account dedicated to children’s toys, as well as babies and children in general. She has an average of 1,008 views and 5,264 engagement per TikTok, with an average of 48 engagements per post and a 4.76% engagement rate overall.

Followers: 1,008

Engagement rate: 4.76%

Avg. engagement: 48

End Note:

The new breed of influencers are creating a wave in the world of social media, especially the Instagramers of Dothan, Alabama. We’ve seen some remarkable toys, children, and baby Instagramers rise to the top in the year 2023.

We can only hope that they continue their domination of the Instagram space and make us believe in the power of influence. Thank you for joining us in this retrospective of the top influencers from Dothan in 2023.

Until next time, happy influencing!