2023 Vaughan’s Top 6 Cars & Motorbikes TikTok Influencers

2023 is just around the corner and it looks like the trends of cars and motorbikes TikTokers is on the rise. With more people looking to be part of the automotive community, it’s no wonder why Vaughan is dubbed as the Mecca of this culture.

So here’s a list of the top 6 TikTokers to follow right now if you’re looking for the latest cars or motorcycling content!

Top 6 cars & motorbikes TikTok influencers from Vaughan:

1. Casper – @casper.the.ghoost

Casper, a TikTok influencer from Vaughan with the username casper.the.ghoost, is known for their incredible content about cars and motorbikes. On average, each of their posts are viewed over 1,800 times and receive 225 engagements, yielding a 2.07% engagement rate. Casper is a reliable source of creative and entertaining content that appeals to car and motorbike enthusiasts.

Followers: 1,786

Engagement rate: 2.07%

Avg. engagement: 37

Avg. views: 225

2. Yas – @maybeyasmine

Yas is a TikTok influencer from Vaughan who goes by the username maybeyasmine and is known for their content about cars and motorbikes. They have 10,700 followers and their posts typically get 159879 views and 10,479 engagements (a 97.93% engagement rate).

Followers: 10,700

Engagement rate: 97.93%

Avg. engagement: 10,479

Avg. views: 159,879

3. Amy M Hopkins – @amymhopkins

Amy M Hopkins is an up and coming TikTok influencer from Vaughan, Ontario. She has accumulated a small but loyal following of 1,749 followers. Her posts typically generate an average of 1863 views each and 204 engagements per post with an engagement rate of 11.66%, making her one of the fastest rising cars and motorbikes influencers on TikTok.

Followers: 1,749

Engagement rate: 11.66%

Avg. engagement: 204

Avg. views: 1,863

4. RS_EYL – @rs_eyl

RS_EYL is an influencer from Vaughan, Canada, who specializes in cars and motorbikes content. They have an impressive following of 12,600 followers and garner 198020 average views per TikTok and an astounding 22,699 average engagements per post, resulting in an incredible 180.15% engagement rate. RS_EYL often shares breathtaking footage of cars and motorbikes, so if you’re into the auto world, be sure to check out their page!

Followers: 12,600

Engagement rate: 180.15%

Avg. engagement: 22,699

Avg. views: 198,020

5. Slick – @slickanadian

Slick (@slickanadian) is a cars & motorbikes influencer from Vaughan, Canada. With over 155,800 followers, Slick’s posts regularly receive upwards of 34,184 views and 4,788 engagements each, with an engagement rate of 3.07%. Slick’s content showcases cars and motorcycle in stunning, cinematic detail, providing his followers with an immersive view of motor vehicle culture.

Followers: 155,800

Engagement rate: 3.07%

Avg. engagement: 4,788

Avg. views: 34,184

6. Wey – @wey.enfuego

Wey is an influencer from Vaughan, Ontario who is known for their viral TikTok videos. They have an impressive following of over 37,868 viewers and 2,350 likes, with an average of 260753 views and 1611.4% engagement rate per post. Wey has become a go-to influencer for followers looking for the latest in cars & motorbikes.

Followers: 2,350

Engagement rate: 1611.4%

Avg. engagement: 37,868

Avg. views: 260,753

Last But Not Least:

2023 is gearing up to be an interesting year for the transport industry and we canโ€™t wait to see which TikTok influencers make waves and step up to the plate with the latest trends and innovations. Keep your eyes peeled for the newest and coolest cars and motorbikes from the world’s most talented and influential influencers from Vaughan – the world is watching!