2023’s Most influential Instagram Food & Grocery Accounts in La Seyne-sur-Mer: Top 3 Restaurants to Follow – IMAI

Located in the South of France, La Seyne-sur-Mer is a scenic town with an abundance of culinary delights. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering pastries, there’s something for everyone in this food lover’s paradise.

In the past few years, the rise of social media has changed the way we experience and interact with food. Instagram, in particular, has become a go-to platform for culinary inspiration, with influencers taking the lead in the gastronomic scene.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the top three most popular restaurants, food, and grocery Instagram influencers in La Seyne-sur-Mer, providing you with a glimpse of the vibrant food culture in this charming town in 2023. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in the best that La Seyne-sur-Mer has to offer.

Top 3 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from La Seyne-sur-Mer:

1. trendycake83_byamal – @trendycake83

Trendycake83_byamal is a popular Instagram influencer from La Seyne-sur-Mer, known for her posts on restaurants, food, and groceries. With a staggering number of 69,870 followers, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the social media scene.

Her average engagement rate, a whopping 7.58%, is a testament to her appeal to her audience, and her average engagement per post at 5,296 is nothing short of impressive. Every post, with its varying length sentences, perplexity, and burstiness, is a treat to the eyes and the taste buds, leaving viewers wanting for more.

Trendycake83 is a master at showcasing the latest trends in the food market, and her influence is felt by her followers worldwide.

Followers: 69,870

Engagement rate: 7.58%

Avg. engagement: 5,296

2. Restaurant LA PIAZZA ?? – @lapiazza83

Restaurant LA PIAZZA ?? is a popular Instagram influencer with 6,773 followers in La Seyne-sur-Mer. Their username is lapiazza83 and they are renowned for their exquisite restaurants, food, and grocery photos.

With an impressive 214 average engagements per post and 3.16% engagement rate, it’s clear that they have a dedicated following who closely follow their food journey.

From delicious pizza and aromatic wines to fresh grocery finds, Restaurant LA PIAZZA ?? regularly shares their latest food discoveries with their followers. Their Instagram page showcases a culinary world of mouth-watering dishes, vibrant ingredients, and innovative cooking styles.

The photos are creatively composed, with varying lengths of sentences that make each post unique.

What makes Restaurant LA PIAZZA ?? stand out is their authentic approach to food.

They don’t rely on gimmicks or trends, but rather showcase the honest, delicious, and genuine side of the culinary world. With a bursty feed that keeps their followers engaged, they are truly a force to be reckoned with in the Instagram foodie community.

Overall, Restaurant LA PIAZZA ?? is definitely an Instagram influencer to follow if you’re a lover of good food, inspiring culinary journeys, and authentic food experiences.

Followers: 6,773

Engagement rate: 3.16%

Avg. engagement: 214

3. Le cรฉno cafรฉ – @ceno_cafe

Le cรฉno cafรฉ is a popular Instagram influencer hailing from La Seyne sur Mer who has made quite a name for themselves in the restaurant, food & grocery scene. With the username ceno_cafe, they have amassed over 2,005 followers who eagerly tune in to their posts.

Their popularity can be seen through an impressive average of 50 engagements per post, evidence of a loyal fanbase. This translates to a 2.49% engagement rate, which is an impressive figure, given the sheer volume of content available on the platform.

It’s no surprise that the influencer’s page gets a lot of eyeballs given their unique take on food and their passion for sharing their love of all things gastronomic with their followers. Overall, Le cรฉno cafรฉ is a social media influencer to watch, given their ability to captivate and connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Followers: 2,005

Engagement rate: 2.49%

Avg. engagement: 50

In a Nutshell:

As the culinary landscape of La Seyne-sur-Mer continues to evolve, these three Instagram influencers have risen to the top of the scene, capturing the hearts and appetites of locals and visitors alike.

From the mouth-watering dishes served up at Restaurant XYZ to the decadent desserts at Grocery ABC, these influencers have proven time and again that they are true masters of their craft.

And with each new post, they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of food and grocery.

So whether you’re a hardcore foodie or just looking for some culinary inspiration, be sure to give these three Instagram influencers a follow.

Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.