2023’s Most Notable Sports Instagram Influencers: Top 3

As we move into the future of sports and the ways in which its content is shared, there is no denying the influence of Instagram on the industry. Last year, some of the most notable athletes and sports teams made waves on the platform, with their content pushing the boundaries of promotion, engagement and creativity.

As we enter 2023, the landscape of sports influencers on Instagram is more competitive than ever. In this blog post, we will go through the top 3 most notable sports influencers on Instagram in 2023, and their remarkable success stories.

Top 3 sports Instagram influencers from Most:

1. DHK Baník Most – @most_handball

DHK Baník Most is an up-and-coming sports influencer on Instagram who specializes in the sport of handball. They have an impressive following of 2,680 viewers on average and an average of 163 engagements per post- an engagement rate of 6.08%. With their unique and entertaining style, DHK Baník Most is quickly becoming one of the leading influencers in the handball world.

Followers: 2,680

Engagement rate: 6.08%

Avg. engagement: 163

2. corners.cz – @corners.cz

Corners.cz is a sports Instagram influencer from Most with a username of corners.cz. They have an average of 3,809 views per TikTok and 145 engagements per post, with a 3.81% engagement rate on their posts.

Clocking in with nearly 4,000 views per video and a highly engaged audience, corners.cz offers engaging content that focuses on the sports lifestyle.

Followers: 3,809

Engagement rate: 3.81%

Avg. engagement: 145

3. Sport areál Klíny – @sportareal_kliny

Sport areál Klíny is a popular sports Instagram influencer who focuses on sport-related topics and offers an engaging platform for viewers to stay active and connected. Their TikTok account has an impressive 1,481 average views per post and 123 average engagements per post.

Additionally, their Instagram engagement rate at 8.31% is very impressive. All in all, Sport areál Klíny is an ideal choice if you’re looking to promote a sports-related message to a wide and engaged audience.

Followers: 1,481

Engagement rate: 8.31%

Avg. engagement: 123

Wrap Up:

Sports have always been a great way to bring people of different backgrounds and ages together, and Instagram has made it even easier to reach fans worldwide. While traditional sports stars will undoubtedly remain, Instagram influencers have shown the potential to become just as influential in the coming years.

If 2021 has seen a rise in the popularity of sports influencers, then it is safe to say that 2023 will be a record year for them. Out of the many influencers that made an impact this year, the top three were amazing representatives for sports across all industries.

Whether it be a legendary athlete on their comeback or an up-and-coming influencer making waves in the field, these three are sure to continue to shine in the future. As we look forward to the impact they will have on the world of sports in 2023, we see that we have only just begun to understand their potential.