2023’s most phenomenal pet influencers on Instagram from Fréjus – our top 3 picks – IMAI

Are you a pet lover who finds joy in following adorable furry friends on Instagram? Do you want to see the best of the best in 2023? Then you’re in the right place! This blog post will introduce you to the top three phenomenal pet influencers from Fréjus. These paw-some pets will make your heart skip a beat and leave you begging for more.

And while a little bit of mystery always adds to the intrigue, let me give you a sneak peek of what’s in store. You’ll meet a charming pooch with an impeccable sense of style, an exotic feline that radiates grace and elegance, and a quirky little critter that will make you laugh out loud.

So, grab your favorite snack, sit back, and get ready to meet the coolest pets on Instagram!

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Fréjus:

1. ℂ?ℝ???? ?? ℂ?? ✨ – @coralie_byenka

Coralié et Cie is a Fréjus-based Instagram influencer who has captured the attention of pet lovers on social media. With the username coralie_byenka and 3,764 followers, this account is a must-follow for anyone seeking cute and captivating content focused on their furry friends.

The account’s TikTok videos have an impressive 992,276 average views per post – a testament to the influencer’s popularity. Moreover, each post on their Instagram account has 353 average engagements and a remarkable 9.38% engagement rate, indicating that Coralié’s content resonates with audiences of all kinds.

Followers can indulge in the account’s varying length sentences, as posts range from brief captions to lengthy descriptions that captivate audiences’ hearts. There’s no doubt that Coralié’s account is bursting with delightfully captivating content that will make pet lovers everywhere swoon.

Followers: 3,764

Engagement rate: 9.38%

Avg. engagement: 353

2. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? – @kiba.theaussie

Meet Kiba the Aussie, the Fréjus-based pets Instagram influencer who has captured the hearts of over 4,488 followers on the social media platform. With an impressive 992276 average views per TikTok and 181 average engagements per post, it’s no wonder why Kiba is a fan favorite.

Their posts boast an impressive 4.03% engagement rate, showing just how much their followers adore them. On their Instagram page, Kiba shares their adventures and daily life as an Australian Shepherd, captivating audiences with their playful energy and cute expressions.

Follow Kiba and their Australian escapades at @kiba.theaussie.

Followers: 4,488

Engagement rate: 4.03%

Avg. engagement: 181

3. L.A – @gastonmadit_

L.A, an Instagram influencer from Fréjus, has quickly risen to fame thanks to their adorable pet. With over 2,100 followers on the platform, L.A’s pet-focused content has captured the hearts of many.

And that’s not all: L.A is also quite the star on TikTok, with an impressive average of almost 1 million views per post. Furthermore, their post engagement is nothing to sneeze at, with an average of 118 per post and an impressive 5.42% engagement rate overall.

You can find L.A on Instagram under the username gastonmadit_, where they continue to delight and entertain their growing audience of pet-loving fans.

Followers: 2,178

Engagement rate: 5.42%

Avg. engagement: 118

Closing Remarks:

And there you have it, folks! Our carefully curated list of the top 3 pets Instagram influencers at Fréjus for 2023. These adorable furry creatures have captured the hearts of many with their playful antics, adorable photos, and charismatic personalities.

From the sassy chihuahua to the regal bulldog, they’ve found their way into the hearts and homes of pet lovers across the globe, and it’s not hard to see why. The bond between pet and owner is unmatched, and these influencers have leveraged it to showcase the best of pet ownership.

It’s no longer just about looking cute in a photo, but also about sharing moments of joy, spreading positivity, and advocating for the needs of our furry friends. They continue to inspire, entertain, and educate us in equal measure, reminding us of the boundless love and happiness that pets bring into our lives.

So as we bid goodbye to this post, let’s take a moment to appreciate these phenomenal pets and the community that celebrates them. Let’s keep sharing their stories and championing their cause.

Who knows, maybe in a few years, we’ll have a whole new batch of Instagram stars to enthuse over. Until then, keep loving and cherishing your own pets, and may they bring you endless joy and amusement!