2023’s Top 3 Namibian Influencers in Friends, Family & Relationships on Instagram

Welcome to our blog post on the top 3 Namibian influencers in Friends, Family & Relationships on Instagram in 2023!

In recent years, Namibia has seen an incredible growth in the number of influencers and content creators on Instagram, especially within the Friends, Family, and Relationships categories. Data shows us that in 2021, the total following of Namibian influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs in this category reached over 1 million active users!

So, just who are the top 3 Namibian influencers in this category and why? In this post, we will explore their unique content styles, learn how they grew their massive followings, and get a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential people in this space.

So, stay tuned to find out who the top 3 Namibian influencers in Friends, Family & Relationships on Instagram will be in the year 2023!

Top 3 friends, family & relationships Instagram influencers from Namibia:

1. Voigtland | Giraffe Hotel | Namibia – @voigtlandguesthouse

Voigtland | Giraffe Hotel | Namibia is an Instagram influencer from Namibia with a username of voigtlandguesthouse. They have a total of 10,340 followers and their average views per TikTok are 331.

They have an average of 381 engagements per post and have an engagement rate of 3.68%. They post about friends, family, and relationships such as date night ideas, special occasions, and even advice for couples and those entering a new relationship. They showcase the best of Namibian life and culture, with stylish photos and captions that are sure to keep their audience engaged.

Followers: 10,340

Engagement rate: 3.68%

Avg. engagement: 381

2. J ฮ” C O – @liebestes

J ฮ” C O (username: liebestes) is an Instagram influencer from Namibia who focuses on Friends, Family & Relationships topics. They have seen an average of 1,213 views & 331 engagements per Tik Tok, and an average of 215 engagements per post with a 17.72% engagement rate.

They work to inspire others on all matters involving friendship, family and love, so that people can more easily live a more fulfilling life.

Followers: 1,213

Engagement rate: 17.72%

Avg. engagement: 215

3. Alex Sentefol – @frothing_frames

Alex Sentefol is an Instagram influencer from Namibia who focuses on family and relationships. He has an average of 1,485 views per TikTok video and 115 average engagements per post, resulting in a 7.74% engagement rate.

Through his โ€œFrothing Framesโ€ username, he continues to share advice and his experiences on making positive relationships with friends and family.

Followers: 1,485

Engagement rate: 7.74%

Avg. engagement: 115


As the popularity of Instagram continues to rise throughout Namibia, the top 3 influencers of 2023 in Friends, Family & Relationships category will certainly be ones to watch. Whether their goal is to motivate, inspire, or entertain their followers, these individuals are sure to lead the way.

With their dedication and creativity, there is no telling what amazing things these influencers will accomplish in the coming years!