2023’s Top 3 Travel, Tourism & Aviation Influencers on TikTok from Lahoysk

Welcome to the exciting world of travel, tourism and aviation! During the last three years the Lahoysk district in Belarus has become a hub for established and up-and-coming influencers who use TikTok to showcase their love of travel and aviation. Today, weโ€™re taking an inside look at the top three travel, tourism and aviation TikTok influencers in Lahoysk of 2023 and how they’ve inspired millions to explore the world.

So let’s dive in!

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation TikTok influencers from Lahoysk:

1. Marianna_medea – @marianna_medea

Marianna_medea (@marianna_medea) is an amazing Travel, Tourism & Aviation TikTok Influencer from Lahoysk. With 1,631 followers and an average of 2,228 views per post, Marianna_medea’s videos are captivating.

On average, each post gets 49 interactions and a 3.0% engagement rate. From packages to products, Marianna_medea is well versed in the travel & tourism sector and provides followers with a steady stream of fresh content and tips to inspire exploring.

Followers: 1,631

Engagement rate: 3.0%

Avg. engagement: 49

Avg. views: 2,228

2. Jura Drozd / travel-ะฑoะผะถ – @name_jura_drozd

The TikTok influencer from Lahoysk, Jura Drozd (name_jura_drozd), is making waves in the travel, tourism and aviation fields. With a staggering 10,600 followers and an average engagement rate of 7.45%, they have garnered an impressive total of 26436 average views per post and 790 average engagements. Their captivating content is not going unnoticed!

Followers: 10,600

Engagement rate: 7.45%

Avg. engagement: 790

Avg. views: 26,436

3. Valeryia – @vvaaleryia

Valeryia is a popular travel, tourism and aviation TikTok influencer from Lahoysk with an impressive audience of 2,151 followers. The username of this influencer is vvaaleryia, who produces and publishes engaging TikToks. On average, each video gets more than 300,000 views and 14,510 engagements, resulting in a staggering 674.57% engagement rate on their posts! Valeryia is a trusted and reliable resource for travel, tourism and aviation related content.

Followers: 2,151

Engagement rate: 674.57%

Avg. engagement: 14,510

Avg. views: 322,826

Wrap Up:

As it can be seen, the influencers on TikTok are using the remarkable power of the digital platform to build many successful stories in the travel, tourism & aviation sector in Lahoysk in 2023. With such inspiring examples, no one can deny that influencer marketing is here to stay- after all, their content has the potential to engage and empower travelers to explore the world and share their stories of joy and discovery with others.

We hope the publication of this list has inspired the next generation of travel & tourism influencers, who will take the industry forward and create even more powerful and mesmerizing experiences.