2023’s Top Beauty & Cosmetics Influencers on Instagram: Meet Vigo’s 3 Remarkable Picks – IMAI

Hold onto your makeup brushes and get ready to be blown away because we’re about to introduce you to the three most remarkable beauty and cosmetics Instagram influencers at Vigo for 2023! These ladies are masters of their craft and their flawless looks will leave you speechless. From perfectly sculpted brows to smoky eyes that are straight out of a magazine, these trendsetters have it all.

You won’t believe the amount of talent these women possess and we’re thrilled to share their stories with you. So sit tight, grab your favorite beauty products, and get ready to be amazed.

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Vigo:

1. โœจ? Vane | Content creator ?โœจ – @vane_khaleesi

Meet Vane, the stunningly gorgeous Instagram influencer from Vigo, who has taken the beauty and cosmetics industry by storm with her mesmerizing content. Known by her username “vane_khaleesi,” this content creator boasts of an impressive 4,955 followers who cannot seem to get enough of her fabulous looks and unique makeup styles.

With an average of 188,879 views per TikTok, it is clear that Vane’s stunning beauty and captivating personality have captured the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide. Not only that, but Vane’s posts have an awe-inspiring engagement rate of 22.58%, with an average of 1,119 engagements per post.

From elaborate eye makeup looks to stunning lip art and flawless skin, Vane certainly knows how to create makeup magic that leaves her followers in awe. Her content is a true reflection of her creativity and love for beauty, making her a true inspiration for any aspiring makeup artist or content creator out there.

So, if you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and get some insider tips on creating killer makeup looks, make sure to follow Vane. With her electrifying energy and stunning makeup skills, she’s bound to take you on a beauty adventure you won’t forget in a hurry!

Followers: 4,955

Engagement rate: 22.58%

Avg. engagement: 1,119

2. โšก M A R T A S I M Oฬ N โšก – @martuki_sim

โšก M A R T A S I M Oฬ N โšก, an Instagram influencer hailing from Vigo, has captured the hearts of thousands of followers with her makeup and beauty content. With a sizable following of 21,317 on Instagram and an impressive 188879 average views per TikTok, it is no wonder why she has become a highly sought-after influencer in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

Her posts are highly engaging, with an average of 927 engagements per post and a 4.35% engagement rate. This means that her followers are highly interested in her content and actively interact with it.

Whether she is showcasing her favorite lipsticks or experimenting with glittery eyeshadows, her followers are sure to be captivated.

But what sets โšก M A R T A S I M Oฬ N โšก apart from other influencers in the beauty industry is her unique and innovative approach to makeup.

She regularly shares tutorials on how to achieve stunning, avant-garde looks that are sure to turn heads. Her bold and daring makeup choices are a testament to her creativity and passion for the art of makeup.

With her growing influence and captivating content, it is clear that โšก M A R T A S I M Oฬ N โšก is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro or a novice looking to hone your skills, her content is sure to inspire and delight.

Followers: 21,317

Engagement rate: 4.35%

Avg. engagement: 927

3. Natalia – @engineer_beauty_makeup

Natalia, an Instagram influencer hailing from Vigo, goes by the username โ€˜engineer_beauty_makeupโ€™. With over 9,000 followers on Instagram, itโ€™s no surprise that this beauty and cosmetics guru captures the attention of countless makeup enthusiasts.

However, what may be even more impressive is the average of 188,879 views per TikTok video she shares.She also boasts an impressive engagement rate of 5.77% on her posts, with an average of 529 average engagements per post.

Her content is a true marvel, leaving followers in awe with each post. Nataliaโ€™s work is both stunning and captivating, and itโ€™s no wonder sheโ€™s become an influential figure within the industry. Despite her incredible success, Natalia remains humble, always staying true to her roots and her passion for makeup.

Followers: 9,166

Engagement rate: 5.77%

Avg. engagement: 529


As we come to the end of this enchanting journey through the world of beauty and cosmetics influencers, we cannot help but feel a tinge of nostalgia creeping up on us. The allure of their posts and the magic of their photos have captured our hearts and imaginations, leaving us awestruck and inspired.

These three remarkable influencers have captivated the beauty world with their stunning aesthetics, creative ideas, and unwavering dedication to their craft. Their personal stories and unique perspectives have touched the hearts of millions, making them icons in the beauty community and beyond.

From the sparkling shores of Vigo to the glamorous streets of Milan, these influencers have enchanted us with their mesmerizing beauty routines and awe-inspiring beauty hacks. Their passion for self-care and empowerment has inspired us to embrace our own unique beauty, and to celebrate it with confidence and joy.

As the sun sets on our journey through the world of beauty and cosmetics influencers, we cannot help but feel grateful for the magic and wonder they have brought into our lives. We look forward to following their future adventures and being inspired by their ongoing quests for beauty, creativity, and joy.

So let us raise a glass to these remarkable influencers at Vigo, for they have truly cast a spell on us all.