2023’s Top Fitness and Yoga Influencers on Instagram in Yerevan: The Top 3 You Need to Follow. – IMAI

Yerevan, the heart of Armenia, is quickly becoming a hub for fitness and yoga enthusiasts from around the world. From beginners to experts, you can find a wide variety of workouts and yoga styles to suit your needs.

With Instagram taking the world by storm, fitness and yoga influencers in Yerevan are making waves online. Their inspiring content, catchy captions, and impeccable form make them some of the most sought-after influencers on the platform.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the top three fitness and yoga influencers in Yerevan who are making a name for themselves in 2023. Get ready to be inspired by these amazing influencers!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Yerevan:

1. Artur Davtyan – @arturdavtyan____

Artur Davtyan, the fitness and yoga Instagram influencer hailing from Yerevan, has been making waves on social media with his impressive following of 11,280 followers. With a TikTok average view of 390,288, it’s clear that his content has captured the attention of many.

On Instagram, his posts average 1,205 engagements per post, showcasing his strong connection with his followers. Additionally, with a staggering engagement rate of 10.68%, it’s clear that his audience is deeply invested in his content.

Artur Davtyan is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness and yoga world, inspiring and motivating his followers through his social media presence.

Followers: 11,280

Engagement rate: 10.68%

Avg. engagement: 1,205

2. ??? โคด ???????? – @smbat_sss

If you’re a fan of fitness and yoga, then you should definitely follow ??? โคด ???????? on Instagram. This Yerevan-based influencer, with the username smbat_sss, has amassed over 11,000 followers on the photo-sharing app, and their TikTok videos receive an impressive 390,000 average views per post.

On top of that, smbat_sss has quite the engaged audience; their Instagram posts receive an average of 702 engagements each, with an overall engagement rate of 6.34%. It’s clear that people love their content, which is a mix of yoga poses, workout tutorials, and motivational messages.

It’s easy to see why smbat_sss has become such a popular influencer in the fitness and yoga world.

They exude confidence and positivity, inspiring their followers to be their best selves. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just looking to start your fitness journey, following smbat_sss is a must.

Followers: 11,078

Engagement rate: 6.34%

Avg. engagement: 702

3. Inessa Pilates – @inessapilates21

Get ready to break a sweat with Yerevan’s hottest fitness & yoga influencer, Inessa Pilates! Boasting a healthy following of 3,531 on Instagram and an impressive 390,288 average views per TikTok, this influencer knows how to get people moving. With an average engagement rate of 4.08% and 144 engagements per post, Inessa Pilates stays connected to her fans by providing engaging and inspiring content.

From high-intensity Pilates workouts to revitalizing yoga poses, this influencer has something for everyone. Keep your eye on Inessa Pilates because she’s sure to take the fitness world by storm!

Followers: 3,531

Engagement rate: 4.08%

Avg. engagement: 144

In Closing:

As I conclude this post, I can’t help but feel inspired by the incredible fitness and yoga influencers in Yerevan. These individuals have truly revolutionized the way we experience health and fitness through social media platforms such as Instagram.

It’s awe-inspiring to see the growth of the health and wellness community in the city over the past few years. With a range of fitness regimes and holistic practices, these influencers are paving the way for healthier lifestyles.

If you’re looking to up your fitness game or maybe just want some inspiration, then look no further than the top influencers in Yerevan. These influencers have earned their spot thanks to their dedication, expertise, and passion.

And they’re not just about showcasing perfect abs or yoga poses, they’re also incredibly relatable, honest and supportive.

So, whether you’re new to the fitness scene or are a long-time enthusiast, be sure to check out the top 3 fitness and yoga influencers in Yerevan.

Trust me, you won’t regret it! Here’s to a healthier, happier and more mindful 2023!