2023’s Top La Seyne-sur-Mer Travel, Tourism, and Aviation Instagram Influencers

Are you a traveler to La Seyne-sur-Mer, the iconic French coastal city? Or do you just enjoy the beautiful sight of its many beaches, coastline, and monuments? No matter what your relationship with La Seyne-sur-Mer is, you are sure to be interested in the top Instagram influencers who keep their post buzzing with the latest news, sights, and experiences related to travel, tourism, and aviation in the city. In this blog post, we will look at the top La Seyne-sur-Mer travel, tourism, and aviation Instagram influencers of 2023 and how they are impacting the landscape of the travel industry.

Get ready to find out who to follow and what to look forward to seeing in the coming years!

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers from La Seyne-sur-Mer:

1. Julie ? – @julie_bnsa

Julie from La Seyne-sur-Mer is an Instagram influencer with a focus on travel, tourism, and aviation. She has a username of julie_bnsa and has garnered an impressive 2,537 average views on her TikTok posts, while her Instagram posts have seen an average of 1,160 engagements and a 45.72% engagement rate.

With her love for adventure and her ability to capture beautiful images, Julie makes an amazing content creator and influencer in the travel, tourism, and aviation space.

Followers: 2,537

Engagement rate: 45.72%

Avg. engagement: 1,160

2. Chris – @cridu83

Chris (cridu83) is an Instagram influencer from La Seyne-sur-Mer who focuses on travel, tourism, and aviation topics. With an average of 5,120 views and 13,750 engagements per TikTok and 780 average engagements per post, Chris has a 15.23% engagement rate, making him one of the most popular influencers in the industry. Chrisโ€™s posts provide insightful insights into the latest travel, tourism, and aviation trends, making him an invaluable resource for industry professionals and travelers alike.

Followers: 5,120

Engagement rate: 15.23%

Avg. engagement: 780

3. Anne Sophie De R. – @fiflowers8.7

Anne Sophie De R. (@fiflowers8.7) is an Instagram and TikTok influencer from La Seyne-sur-Mer, France.

She primarily covers topics related to travel, tourism, and aviation. With 4,080 followers and an average of 13,750 TikTok views per video, Anne Sophie has been able to establish a strong presence online.

Her posts also receive an average of 379 engagements and a 9.29% engagement rate. Moreover, her channel serves as a great resource of discovering new destinations, airlines, and industry news.

Followers: 4,080

Engagement rate: 9.29%

Avg. engagement: 379

Final Thoughts:

As we look towards 2023 and beyond, La Seyne-sur-Mer continues to be a popular destination for travelers and influencers alike. With its natural beauty, friendly locals, and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that life in the French Riviera city is never dull.

As the city continues to attract more and more influencers, we can only expect to see more of La Seyne-sur-Mer’s captivating people, places, and activities shared across Instagram. Until then, bon voyage!