3 Best Camera & Photography Instagram Influencers from Baghdad for 2023

As 2021 comes to an end and 2023 fast approaches, it looks as if Baghdad is ready to make its mark on the world of camera and photography influencers. Despite the difficulties of the past few years, these exceptional photographers are determined to thrive and show the world the beauty of Baghdad.

Today we will look at the 3 best Camera and Photography Instagram Influencers from Baghdad for 2023!

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Baghdad:

1. Raid Madhaa – ุฑุงูŠู”ุฏ ู…ุถุงุก – @raid.m98

Raid Madhaa – ุฑุงูŠู”ุฏ ู…ุถุงุก is an Iraqi photographer and camera influencer based in Baghdad. With their username raid.m98, their Instagram account has amassed 58,118 followers where they post content related to photography and camera tips.

Their TikTok account boasts an impressive 109270 average views per post, and 10,216 average engagements per post with a 17.58% engagement rate. They have become a renowned photographer in the Iraqi photography scene, due to their consistent effort with educating their followers in use of camera and related devices.

Followers: 58,118

Engagement rate: 17.58%

Avg. engagement: 10,216

2. ุญุณู†ูŠู† ุงู„ุดุฑุดุงุญูŠ – @hasanain_alsharshahi

ุญุณู†ูŠู† ุงู„ุดุฑุดุงุญูŠ is an Instagram influencer from Baghdad and a passionate photographer. With an average of 43,633 and 109270 views per TikTok and 10,148 engagements for their posts, he has an impressive engagement rate of 23.26%. From his beautiful photography and videography on his page, Hasanain is an expert on cameras and photography techniques, providing valuable tips and tricks for aspiring photographers.

Followers: 43,633

Engagement rate: 23.26%

Avg. engagement: 10,148

3. ุงู„ุฏุนู… ุงู„ุนุฑุงู‚ูŠ ู„ู„ุชุตูˆูŠุฑ – @photographers_iq

ุงู„ุฏุนู… ุงู„ุนุฑุงู‚ูŠ ู„ู„ุชุตูˆูŠุฑ is an Instagram influencer from Baghdad who has a username photographers_iq. They have a remarkable 48,056 followers and average 109270 views per TikTok.

Each post gets an impressive 5,795 average engagements with 12.06% engagement rate. They are highly knowledgeable in camera and photography, and can provide insightful content to viewers.

Followers: 48,056

Engagement rate: 12.06%

Avg. engagement: 5,795

The Bottom Line:

We hope you found this blog post about the three best camera and photography Instagram influencers from Baghdad for 2023 helpful. Make sure you follow these inspiring influencers to get daily updates on not only their work but also the latest gear they use to take amazing photographs.

With their talent and passionate love of photography, they are sure to inspire you to take your own craft to new heights. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check back soon for more top picks!