3 Must-follow Worcester-based Jewellery & Watch Instagram Influencers in 2023 – IMAI

In today’s digital world, social media has taken over the market. Almost every business has an online presence, and jewellery and watch brands are no exception.

Instagram has proved to be an excellent platform for jewellery and watch influencers to showcase their designs and creations. Amongst these, Worcester has emerged as a hotbed of talent, boasting several top influencers.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at our three most popular jewellery and watch Instagram influencers from Worcester, giving you an insight into their success in 2023. Get ready to be dazzled with their creativity, passion, and talent.

Let’s dive in!

Top 3 jewellery & watches Instagram influencers from Worcester:

1. DUSK Body Jewelry – @duskbodyjewelry

DUSK Body Jewelry, an Instagram influencer based in Worcester, is sure to catch your eye with their stunning collection of jewellery and watches. With over 4,500 followers on Instagram and an average of 62,181 views per TikTok, it’s clear that DUSK is a force to be reckoned with.

Their posts average 253 engagements and a remarkable engagement rate of 5.58%. It’s hard not to be dazzled by their unique style and creativity, which is reflected in the popularity of their posts. Whether you’re in need of some fashion inspiration or just want to admire some beautiful jewellery, DUSK is definitely worth a follow.

With their expert eye for design and dedication to quality, you’re sure to be impressed by their work. In a world where Instagram influencers are a dime a dozen, DUSK stands out as a true gem.

So why not head over to their page and see what all the fuss is about? You won’t be disappointed!

Followers: 4,532

Engagement rate: 5.58%

Avg. engagement: 253

2. Oleander Piercing – @oleanderpiercing

Oleander Piercing is a jewellery and watch Instagram influencer from Worcester with an impressive Instagram following. With the username @oleanderpiercing, they have 3,043 followers and an average of 62181 views per TikTok.

Their posts receive an average of 108 engagements and a 3.55% engagement rate. Needless to say, this influencer’s content seems to resonate with their followers, as reflected by their high engagement rate.

The content they share is likely focused on jewellery and watches, although we can’t say for certain without diving deeper into their profile. Overall, Oleander Piercing seems to be a well-established and successful influencer in the jewellery and watch space on Instagram.

Followers: 3,043

Engagement rate: 3.55%

Avg. engagement: 108

3. Jenna Jaynes – @jenna_jaynes_designs

Meet Jenna Jaynes, the jewellery and watches Instagram influencer hailing from Worcester. With her stunning designs, she has gathered 1,185 Followers on the platform, making a great impact on her followers with her unique ideas.

But, that’s not all! Jenna Jaynes has huge popularity on TikTok, as well, with an average view count of 62,181 per post. Impressive, right?

She’s not just about the views, likes, and followers. Jenna Jaynes is super-engaging on Instagram, earning 65 average engagements per post and boasting an engagement rate of 5.49%. It’s obvious that her content is relatable, inspiring, and resonates well with her audience.

But, what do we know about Jenna Jaynes? Based on the stats, we can gather that she knows her stuff when it comes to jewellery and watches. Her designs reflect her knowledge of the industry and her passion for unique styles.

With her association with the jewellery and watches niche, it’s clear that Jenna Jaynes is someone whose content you just can’t ignore. So, if you’re interested in staying ahead of the game in the world of jewellery and watches, follow Jenna Jaynes and discover her world of dazzling designs.

Followers: 1,185

Engagement rate: 5.49%

Avg. engagement: 65

Final Thoughts:

And there you have it folks! Our list of the top 3 jewellery and watches Instagram influencers from Worcester in 2023 is complete. Who would have thought, just a few years ago, that such a list could exist? But as we’ve seen, the world of social media and influencer marketing moves at lightning speed.

These three individuals have managed to capture the attention and affection of thousands of followers, thanks to their unique approach to promoting jewellery and watches. From stunning product shots to expert styling advice, they’ve created a space for themselves in the online world that is both aspirational and relatable.

But what does the future hold for these influencers? Will they continue to rise to even greater levels of fame and success? Or will new players emerge to steal the spotlight? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain: the world of jewellery and watches on Instagram is constantly evolving, and anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve will need to keep a close eye on these three influencers and their peers.

Whether you’re a fan of their content or an aspiring influencer yourself, there’s no denying the impact that they’ve had on this exciting and ever-changing industry.

So let’s raise a glass to the trailblazers, the innovators, and the risk-takers who are shaping the future of jewellery and watches on Instagram.

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself on a future version of this list. The sky’s the limit!