5 Strategies To Target Gen Z In 2021



5 Strategies To Target Gen Z In 2021

If you are targeting Gen Z, you need to adopt a different approach as this generation is more value-conscious and appreciates brands that “keep it real.” Born between 1996 to 2010, this generation is young, tech-savvy, and socially minded. Also, their spending power is huge that is over $140 billion. They are digital natives with a strong online community that could be of great value for your influencer seeding.

Follow these steps to target Gen Z

#1: Define the values and mission of your business

Gen Z believes a brand’s values are a reflection of the business. They believe that same-sex couples should adopt children and that racial and ethnic diversity is good for society. Also, they believe that influencer marketing companies can play a role in improving society. Let Gen Z understand your value and missions from your website and social media platforms.

#2: Responsible behavior

Gen Z loves doing research. They will visit your website, follow your social media profile, and check comments and reviews. And they will appreciate, if maintain a responsible behavior and accountability for missteps. Company culture matters to Gen Z and it is evident from the success of Black Lives Matter movement. Set your influencer marketing stat for Gen Z marketing.

#3: Develop a personality of your brand

Gen Z are drawn to brands that are bold, that have a strong voice, and  have an impressive personality. The best approach to attract the digital generation to your influencer advertising is to make your site and social media profiles full of bright stars. You need to present your brand as a personality.

#4: Make your content as entertaining as possible

Social media is full of content and most pieces look similar. Everyone wants to attract the attention of Gen Z but how would make your video stand out from the crowd. The good thing is that Gen Z is quick in filtering content if you are able to make your content different from others. And the best way to add fake Instagram followers to your account is to serve Gan Z content that is interesting.

#5: Build a community

Building a community of Gen Z should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. For community building, you can join hands with mega-b2b tech influencers but the best approach would be to look for real people that have interesting platforms. Or you can find people that are creatives, artists, or activists.