6 Tips For Writing A Good Instagram Bio




6 Tips For Writing A Good Instagram Bioโ€‹

The first thing your visitor see in your Instagram profile is your bio and if your Instagram bio doesn’t give enough details like who you are; what you do and what your skills are then they it could be a major setback to your white label influencer marketing.

But you can write an interesting Instagram bio that works and creates a good first impression on your visitors. If you look at others, you will come to know how others are using their Instagram bios as influencer marketing tools.

Tips for writing a great Instagram bio

#1: Choose a decent name

Create a name that reflects your business. If you want, you can optimize your Instagram name with a searchable keyword that helps the targeted audiences in searching your bio. The good thing is that Instagram considers both the name and username fields in influencer marketing search, you can optimize both of them to get advantage.

#2: Give details of your business

A good Instagram bio should help viewers get details of your business and targeted audiences. You should add your skills in the bio and explain who could benefit with your skills to establish a connection with your potential customers. It will make a complete influencer marketing dashboard.

#3: Use relevant keywords

While keywords could do little to improve your influencer outreach, but they could highlight your account for the targeted audiences. It can help attract attention especially when you have limited time. And you should use the keywords that reflect your core values and interests.

#4: Make the best use of Linkin.bio by Later

Your Instagram bio link is the most valuable traffic drivers in your profile but you can make it more useful with the help of Linkin.bio by Later. With this tool, you can convert your whole feed into a clickable link connected to a landing page. It will be a big help in your influencer advertising.

#5: Add your contact details

Don’t forget adding contact details of your business in your Instagram bio. And you can add your email address, phone number and physical address of your office. Since Instagram provides unlimited space for contact details, you can give detailed information about your business and enhance your influencer brand platform.

#6: Use creative ideas to write your Instagram bio

Look how others are using emojis, branded hashtag and line breaks to enhance the look and feel of their Instagram bios. Try imitating a great idea to write a creative bio that helps in adding fake Instagram followers.