7 Instagram Aesthetics Trend To Follow In 2021

The new aesthetic trends have made Instagram feeds more creative and engaging than ever before. But there is more to come in 2021. Also, you need to be cautious about the Instagram algorithm so that your influencer marketing reporting delivers expected results.

Instagram trends forecast for 2021

Instagram Reels will be in trends

It is the hottest trend and Instagram has also created a new shortcut to discover Reels on the main navigation menu. Also, you can create fust, fun, and engaging video clips with advanced influencer marketing tools. And aesthetics becomes less important with Reels as the focus is to create engaging videos that deliver Reels value.

Visual brand storytelling

In 2021, you will find Instagram profiles taking center stage in marketing as buyers will use Instagram white label influencer marketing platform for searching information about businesses, products, and services. Also, it is evident from the fact that brands are investing in visual storytelling about their products on Instagram.

Inclusivity and accessibility

Brands are fast moving towards inclusivity in content selection to represent their communities. Sharing content that reflects the thoughts of your followers will make them feel represented. Also, it will show that you represent all your fake Instagram followers irrespective of their age, gender, race, ability, and beyond.

No-Edit Edit

2021 will be a year of no-edit content that means the creators will use minimum editing like tiny tweaks and a hint of color change. And this minimal edit trend is stemming from the rise of authentic content that is more realistic. Influencer marketing for the agency will include everything that gives a real picture of the brand promoted.

Text heavy Carousel posts

Brands have been using Instagram for educating their communities about a wide range of issues from politics to social justice with the help of carousel posts. They are commenting on social issues and also building their brand values using influencer insight.

User generated content

It is a new trend but it has caught the attention of both brands and creators. It has many advantages like diversity and crowd-sourced content that is high on influencer marketing search. Also, it gives voice to communities.

Animated elements

It is easier to keep up with influencer advertising trends when you can think beyond static content. For example, take animated elements like a twinkling star and flashing text that you can add to your content with the help of an application like Adobe Spark and Pixaloop.