7 Instagram Trends That Will Continue In 2020

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7 Instagram Trends That Will Continue In 2020

If you want to make most of your Instagram marketing, then you need to look for latest trends like influencer marketing, Instagram Stories and much more. It has emerged as an important platform for sellers but only those that follow trends can take advantage of it.

Here’re 7 most important trends to watch for in Instagram
  1. Rise of Instagram Boutiques

    In 2017, Instagram allowed adding links to Stories that received a huge response from sellers. And this trend will continue in 2020. Also, there have cropped up Instagram Boutiques that brands call virtual boutiques where they showcase their products with the right hashtag to reach the targeted audiences.

  2. Vertical videos

    Vertical videos came into being with people started accessing social media from their mobiles. But Instagram took it a step ahead as all its trends including Instagram Live, Stories and IGTV support vertical videos. And sellers can leverage this trend for a variety of purposes including product launches, contest and tutorial.

  3. Instagram Stories

    It started in 2016 but it will strengthen in 2020. Sellers have found creative ways to feature their stories and they are ready to further their business interests with interesting stories about their brands and products.

  4. Influencer Marketing

    This year too, the brand-influencer combination will continue to play a crucial role in marketing. Influencer marketing is important as it is much cheaper than the traditional ad campaigns. Would you believe that you can hire a micro-influencer by paying just $75 for a post?

  5. New additions

    Instagram has always provided the best to its users. Starting from visuals news feed to allowing live streaming and IGTV, Instagram has proved that it understands needs of its users and that it wants to provide the best marketing tools. Look out for more features in 2020.

  6. Tweets and memes

    Humorous content is in trend and it is expected to keep amusing people in 2020. It started with people sharing screenshots of everything that is funny and humorous. But brands are leveraging this trend to their advantage.

  7. Interactive content

    Brands are always looking for new ways to create interactive content because they know that Instagram allows making content as interactive as you can using its features and tools.