7 Top Restaurants, Food & Grocery Influencers on TikTok in Mito for 2023

Welcome to Mito, the city that has been dubbed “the food capital of Japan.” We’ve rounded up the 7 Top Restaurants, Food & Grocery Influencers on TikTok so you can be up-to-date on all the culinary trends here in Mito for 2023.

Get ready to take a bite out of the best dishes that can be found in the city!

Top 7 restaurants, food & grocery TikTok influencers from Mito:

1. Housedessertcom – @housedessertrecords

Housedessertcom is an Mito based restaurants, food & grocery TikTok influencer with Username housedessertrecords and they have an average of 1,507 and 3112 views and 99 engagements per post with a 6.57% engagement rate. They specialize in fresh, creative meals and recipes.

They are gaining popularity in the TikTok sphere for their delicious and aesthetically pleasing content.

Followers: 1,507

Engagement rate: 6.57%

Avg. engagement: 99

2. Punjabi dhaba – @punjabidhaba4085

Punjabi Dhaba is a popular food and grocery TikTok influencer from Mito, Japan with the username punjabidhaba4085. They have a combined following of 2034 followers and 752 average views per TikTok.

Their posts have an average engagement rate of 3.2% with an average of 65 engagements per post. Their content is focused on showcasing the delicious, often regional dishes of their corner of the world.

They also offer guidance and advice on how to cook the food and grocery products.

Followers: 2,034

Engagement rate: 3.2%

Avg. engagement: 65

Avg. views: 752

3. Bsoon/ビースーン – @bsoon_yamato_goshi

Bsoon/ビースーン is a popular TikTok influencer from Mito, Japan. They are well known for their content highlighting the best restaurants, food and grocery items from around the city.

With over 40,600 average engagements, an average of 1.681 views per post and a 2416.42% engagement rate, they have become one of the top influencers in Mito.

Their creative and informative posts featuring local restaurants and food items, combined with engaging videos and animations, help to make Bsoon/ビースーン a popular source of food-related information.

Followers: 1,681

Engagement rate: 2416.42%

Avg. engagement: 40,620

Avg. views: 578,520

4. Дмитрий Забиров – @zabirov_777

Дмитрий Забиров is a TikTok influencer from Mito, Japan, with the username zabirov_777 and 5,337 average views and 578520 average engagements per post in their videos, leading to a 3.75% engagement rate. An expert in restaurants, food and grocery, Дмитрий creates informative and high-quality content that keeps viewers coming back for more.

With his eye for detail and creativity, this influencer is a great choice for brands looking to create captivating content.

Followers: 5,337

Engagement rate: 3.75%

Avg. engagement: 200

5. かなやんのdiet food?‍?? – @kanayandayoo

かなやんのdiet food?‍?? is a Mito-based TikTok influencer specializing in restaurants, food and grocery. With 176.

500 followers and 301.300 average views per post, かなやんのdiet food?‍?? has a 9,379 average engagements per post and 5.31% engagement rate in their posts.

Food lovers will love their creative, entertaining and delicious posts!

Followers: 176,500

Engagement rate: 5.31%

Avg. engagement: 9,379

Avg. views: 301,300

6. ???? ????????? – @andryshinn_77

Ivan Andryshinn_77 is a TikTok influencer from Mito, Japan who has achieved fame for their restaurant, food, and grocery content. With an impressive 6,116 followers, Ivan has an impressive 301,300 average views per post and 536 average engagements per post.

Iwan’s post reach is strong, accounting for an 8.76% engagement rate overall. If you’re looking for expert food-related content from Japan, Ivan from Mito is your man!

Followers: 6,116

Engagement rate: 8.76%

Avg. engagement: 536

7. ?はな? – @kyk29042223

?はな? (kyk29042223) is a popular TikTok influencer from Mito, Japan, who focuses on restaurants, food, and grocery topics. With over 97,500 followers and 650,801 average views per TikTok and 35,514 average engagements per post, ?はな? maintains an impressive engagement rate of 36.42|% in their posts, providing great content to their audience. ?はな? is the perfect place to get restaurant, food, and grocery related tips and ideas.

Followers: 97,500

Engagement rate: 36.42%

Avg. engagement: 35,514

Avg. views: 650,801

In a Nutshell:

Having met the seven emerging TikTok influencers whose accounts you must follow, it’s clear that Mito’s foodie scene is already bustling and filled with potential. This list adds to the already amazing and diverse culinary landscape here in Mito – there’s something truly special here that can’t be found elsewhere.

With the help of these talented influencers, they will continue to enrich the food and grocery scene here in Mito and promote the city’s ever-growing potential. This guide may only tell you the “who” but it’s no secret that Mito has the best food around.

Bon Appétit!