9 memorable beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencers at Morteaux-Coulibœuf for 2023

Welcome to the year 2023 and with it, a new wave of beauty and cosmetics creativity from some of TikTok’s most memorable influencers! Here at Morteaux-Coulibœuf, we have carefully curated a list of nine of the top beauty and cosmetics influencers from TikTok that we believe will dominate the year ahead. Whether you are looking to stay ahead of the latest beauty trends, find inspiration for makeup and hairstyles, or learn about the newest products to hit the market, this list of TikTok beauty and cosmetics influencers is a must-read.

Get ready to be inspired!

Top 9 beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencers from Morteaux-Coulibœuf:

1. ????? – @julkeup

Julkeup (@julkeup) is a beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf in France, with 134,000 followers and an average of 513,867 views and 64,950 average engagements per post. With a 48.47% engagement rate, Julkeup’s content on trends in makeup and skincare have been widely successful and engaging.

Followers: 134,000

Engagement rate: 48.47%

Avg. engagement: 64,950

Avg. views: 513,867

2. MRS Koivogui – @mijeanne03

MRS Koivogui, based in Morteaux-Coulibœuf, is a TikTok influencer in the beauty and cosmetics space. She has the username mijeanne03 and enjoys an impressive 6,626 average views per post and 857 average engagements. Her engagement rate of 12.93% proves how influential she is in her field.

She is a great source of inspiration and information for beauty and cosmetics fans.

Followers: 6,626

Engagement rate: 12.93%

Avg. engagement: 857

Avg. views: 48,418

3. ??cosmetics??• Lien en bio – @cosmetics..beauty

??Cosmetics??• Lien en bio is an influential makeup and cosmetics TikTok user from Morteaux-Coulibœuf, France. They have a huge following of 29,100 followers, posting content that garners an average of 12,119 views and 1,351 average engagements with a 4.64% engagement rate in their posts.

Their content provides helpful tips, advice, and recommendations with diverse color and beauty solutions.?

Followers: 29,100

Engagement rate: 4.64%

Avg. engagement: 1,351

Avg. views: 12,119

4. dad.aaa – @dad.aaa

Dad.aaa is an influential beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf with an average of 5,811 and 8021 views and 835 engagements per post. They have an impressive engagement rate of 14.37% in their posts and have become very popular among beauty and cosmetics lovers.

With their helpful tips on makeup, they are inspiring their followers to look and feel their best.

Followers: 5,811

Engagement rate: 14.37%

Avg. engagement: 835

Avg. views: 8,021

5. pépita – @sherrylbzt

Pépita (@sherrylbzt) is an up-and-coming TikTok influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf. Their account features content on beauty and cosmetics, with an average of 15,900 views and 855,356 engagements per post.

Pépita has a 429.98% engagement rate overall, making it one of the most popular beauty accounts on the platform. Follow them today to stay up to date on their latest beauty tips and products!

Followers: 15,900

Engagement rate: 429.98%

Avg. engagement: 68,367

Avg. views: 855,356

6. Poopi Blh – @poopiblh

Poopi Blh is a beauty and cosmetics influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf. With an impressive 3,800,000 followers on TikTok, Poopi has an average of 1177452 views per TikTok and 97,032 engagements per post, resulting in an engagement rate of 2.55%. Poopi’s content ranges from makeup reviews, tutorials, and recommendations for beauty and cosmetics products.

Followers: 3,800,000

Engagement rate: 2.55%

Avg. engagement: 97,032

Avg. views: 1,177,452

7. Anna’s Decade – @annasdecade

Anna’s Decade is a beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf, France. Her username is @annasdecade and she has 787,600 followers with an average of 332934 views per TikTok and an average of 42,963 engagements per post.

Her impressive engagement rate stands at 5.45%, making her one of the top influencers in the beauty and cosmetics space.

Followers: 787,600

Engagement rate: 5.45%

Avg. engagement: 42,963

Avg. views: 332,934

8. Nikaido – @nikaido_on

Nikaido_on, a beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer from Morteaux-Coulibœuf, has an impressive 973,000 followers with an average of 975975 views per TikTok and 119,442 engagements per post with a rate of 12.28%. They provide their audience with in-depth advice and tutorials on beauty, cosmetics, and fashion.

Followers: 973,000

Engagement rate: 12.28%

Avg. engagement: 119,442

Avg. views: 975,975

9. ByShey__ – @shey.md___

ByShey__ is a beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencer who creates lifestyle and beauty related content on the platform. With an average of 3,967 views, 942375 engagements and 52,883 average engagements on their posts, the influencer has become a popular name on the platform and boasts an impressive 1333.07% engagement rate on all of their content. ByShey__ hails from Morteaux-Coulibœuf and is an inspiring influencer that has achieved great success on TikTok.

Followers: 3,967

Engagement rate: 1333.07%

Avg. engagement: 52,883

Avg. views: 942,375


Thank you for checking out our blog post featuring nine of the most memorable beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencers at Morteaux-Coulibœuf for 2023. As the beauty and cosmetics industry continues to rapidly evolve, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and up-to-date with influencers that offer a fresh perspective on the latest trends and products.

We hope you find these nine influencers helpful in navigating the ever-changing industry. Be sure to keep an eye out for more content from these and other influencers in the months to come!