A Beginner’s Guide To Advertising On Spotify



A Beginner’s Guide To Advertising On Spotify

With 271m users, including 124m subscribers, and a presence in 79 markets, Spotify is the biggest driver of revenue to the music business today. Also, it is the right influencer brand platform to market businesses.

Spotify advertisements offer a great potential

Spotify has 271 million monthly annual users that make a vast influencer marketing marketplace to promote brands and businesses. And its income from free ad-supported Spotify product (€217M) proves that businesses are making a profit from this platform.

How to advertise on Spotify?

Like Facebook and Instagram, Spotify also works as an influencer marketing platform. It even opened an ad studio to streamline the advertising process. It offers the following advertising options.


Spotify plays audio ads as announcements between songs and the ads are streamed on all versions of its app. For influencer advertising, you can create ads of 15-30 second length and specify the music that can increase the reach of your ads. For example, you can select songs that your targeted audiences listen to and run your ads in between those songs.

Also, you can create an image liking back to your website or a landing page where users can drop on clicking on the image. In this way, you can increase your influencer outreach and go on driving traffic and sales to your business.


You will be allotted advertising space between two songs but you will have to play a full-length video instead of a static image. It is useful to target the audiences that use the Spotify app but those that use the app only for music are unlikely to view the video. Spotify also has a business partnership for sponsor music presentations on the white label influencer marketing platform.

Display Ads

Spotify display ads are similar to Google Ads and to ads you see on other sites. The ads are displayed in the Spotify browser only for 30 seconds. And the good thing is that Spotify doesn’t overlay one ad over another. Viewers click on the display ads and visit the links embedded in the advertisements. It works like social media influencer marketing on other platforms.

Sponsored Playlists

You can create a playlist of selected songs and present it with an image related to your business. The playlist will go with your brand name and promote your brand in the long run. In this way, you can win the influencer platform with your playlist that will carry your brand logo.