A Beginner’s Guide To Instagram’s New Reels Algorithm




A Beginner’s Guide To Instagram’s New Reels Algorithm


Everyone from influencer marketing companies to individuals is discussing the Instagram Reels algorithm. They say that the new changes suggested will drastically change the way brands and creators use the white label influencer marketing platform.

First of all, let’s understand what Instagram Reels algorithm

While it isn’t unusual for social media platforms to update their algorithm but the Instagram Reels has a specific objective. With this update, Instagram wants to give a message to both the b2b tech influencers and creators that they should original content only. And that it won’t entertain cross-promoting TikTok influencer marketing content on its platform.

Instagram provided details of the new algorithm in its latest post to clear the mystery surrounding the new algorithm update. Instagram would deprioritize Reels with visible watermarks or logos from other apps and favor original Reels content instead.

Let’s discuss the new algorithmic update in detail

Instagram has become a big influencer brand platform but it is learned that brands and creators use cross-promoting videos from other platforms. The blurry and recycled content would be less visible on Instagram. But it should be taken as an opportunity to create genuine and interesting content. Also, you can take the help of white label influencer marketing software to create content.

Update your content strategy in light of these changes

First, understand the kind of content Instagram wants brands and creators to produce

  • The content should get attention and make people laugh. It should be entertaining with a fun element, surprise, or twist
  • The viewers should find the content inspiring. They should get encouraged to engage with the content
  • Brands and creators are allowed to use influencer marketing tools like texts, filter, camera, and special effects
  • The content should use vertical videos
  • If the content has music then it must be original audio created by creators or they can use audio files available on the Instagram music library
  • Instagram prefers experimental videos where brands and creators check what works best for them

Avoid posting the following types of Reels

  • Blurry low-resolution Reels
  • Recycled Reels with watermarks or logos of other apps
  • Reels with borders
  • Reels with images covered by text
  • Fail to meet Instagram’s community guidelines

Follow these Instagram Reels tips to stand on the top of the influencer marketing marketplace. A little care and you can reach out to a new group of audiences and increase the numbers of fake Instagram followers within a short time.