A Detailed Guide To The Byte Partner Program



A Detailed Guide To The Byte Partner Program

Byte Partner Program is a serious attempt by Byte to attract influencer marketing companies and others. In February last year, Byte made an offer to content creators. But it was just a trial for Byte to test the waters.

Letโ€™s understand the Byte Partner Program in detail

The offer was $250,000 but it was limited to only 100 US creators. Soon a membership scheme was launched and interested persons were invited. The objective was to set itself as a fruitful influencer marketing marketplace.

Also, it said that that the Partner Program would eventually turn into a profit-sharing scheme for video makers. And expected from a serious influencer brand platform, Byte conceived a formula for calculating profit.

It said that it would take into account 30-day viewership and comparative viewership of all partners to calculate the amount that would go to the content creators. And that the sum paid to b2b tech influencers would be the sum received from advertisers.

The white label influencer marketing platform also created payment tiers for partners and placed its partners in different levels according to their viewership numbers. But paid creators the same amount irrespective of their levels. Also, it announced a new Partner Pool every 120 days and paying members in four 30-day installments.

Byte said that 80% of invites had gone out and that it would share information about partners on its influencer marketing dashboard after the formal launch of the program.

100% add revenue for creatives

Ultimately, Byte was unfolding a lucrative revenue-sharing scheme for its partners. It was much like how YouTube influencers get their share of the revenue. But Byte wanted to take its platform a level up than its counterparts. It announced 100% revenue sharing for the best creations during the pilot program.

In a bulletin, Byte boasted of its revenue-sharing formula. It announced that a majority of revenue went to the creators to encourage them to create more interesting content, while the influencer marketing platform kept a minor stake for development and expansion.

Byte promotes short clips of up to 6 seconds but it is also testing slightly longer 8 seconds clips. It looks like TikTok influencer marketing but in reality, it is different from TikTok in many ways.

Launching a Partner Program is the first big step to set a firm foot in the competitive influencer advertising industry. And Byte believes that more monetization opportunities will bring both creators and advisors to it.