All about Instagram Guides and how you can use them in your marketing efforts in 2023

With a lot more competition coming from live video platforms like TikTok, Instagram is releasing cool new features to stay current and the top choice for both users and brands. One of those features is the Instagram Guide, which is a tool allowing you to curate your favorite Instagram posts, Reels, and Lives in one location that you can share with your community as a neatly packed guide on a certain topic or according to a specific theme. This is an awesome opportunity for marketers to really get the word out about the brand and its offerings while making the most of existing content.

All new Instagram features you need to know


Instagram is a social media platform known for its unique aesthetic and creative community. With over 400 million daily active users, the platform is constantly rolling out new features to keep its users engaged. From the launch of IGTVย to the ability to follow hashtags, to the ability to add music to your stories, Instagram is constantly innovating and giving users a new way to express themselves.

  1. One of the most recent features Instagram has rolled out is the ability to shop directly from posts. This feature allows users to purchase items without having to leave the app. This feature makes it easier for people to make purchases on Instagram and encourages more people to shop from creators and businesses.
  2. Instagram has also made it easier for creators to generate revenue from their content. The platform recently released its Creator Shops, where creators can create their own storefronts to showcase their products. They can use Instagram to promote their products, receive payments, and even run ads.
  3. Another feature recently introduced is the Grids feature. This feature allows users to upload up to nine photos and videos in a single post. The Grids feature is great for creating unique experiences and stories within Instagram, while still displaying them in a cohesive manner.
  4. The last feature Instagram has released is Stickers. Stickers are a way to add context and personality to your photos and videos. The wide variety of stickers available adds a unique touch to any Instagram post.

Instagram‘s innovative and useful features make the app a great place for users to express their creativity, build relationships with the community, explore new trends, and discover new opportunities.




How you can use Instagram’s new features in your marketing efforts


1. Add โ€œShop Nowโ€ buttons to posts – provide customers with direct access to purchase your products or services

2. Utilize stories and polls – offer discounts, or create contests to engage customers

3. Leverage the carousel feature to create product lookbooks or highlight new products or offers

4. Take advantage of business insights – measure posted content performance and optimize

5. Use Instagram Live to offer exclusive sales, webinars, and Q&As



Use Imai to find Instagram influencers for your brand



Follow these steps to find Instagram influencers easily with Imai:

1. Select your target criteria: Identify the key criteria you want your Instagram influencers to meet such as industry, follower count, geographic location, etc.

2. Set up a campaign on Imai: Create a campaign on Imai with the targeted criteria you identified from the previous step.

3. Launch search: Start searching and connecting with Instagram influencers through the influencer discovery tool on Imai.

4. Analyze insights: Utilize the analytics provided by Imai to analyze the influencersโ€™ past performance, reviews, engagement rate, etc., for you to decide which ones fit your brand objectives best.

5. Review and approve: Once you selected the right influencer, review and approve their profile to start your collaboration.

6. Track performance: Use Imaiโ€™s performance tracking tools to monitor the results of the influencer campaign and adjust accordingly.



Frequently asked questions about Instagram marketing


1. What is Instagram marketing?

Answer: Instagram marketing is a form of social media marketing that uses Instagram to promote products, services, and posts, and engage with customers.


2. What are the benefits of Instagram marketing?

Answer: The benefits of Instagram marketing include increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales. It also gives businesses a direct line of communication with their target audiences.


3. How do I get started with Instagram marketing?

Answer: The first step to starting your Instagram marketing strategy is to create a business account on Instagram. This allows you to access analytics and insights, create paid promotions, and use tools like shoppable posts. Additionally, focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience, using the right hashtags, and engaging with other users.


4. What are some tips for successful Instagram marketing?

Answer: There are several tips for successful Instagram marketing, including using the right hashtags, making strong visuals and captions, developing a consistent posting schedule, cultivating relationships with influencers, and staying active in the community by liking and commenting on other content.



Read also:

Marketers can utilize the Instagram Guides tool to really vamp up their Instagram content and keep consumers engaged. For instance, itโ€™s possible to use Guides to revive old content thatโ€™s been sitting around for a while. Marketers invest a lot of time and effort in creating flawless content nowadays, and that effort shouldnโ€™t go to waste. Repurpose content into neat and interesting guides for users to read and review, establishing your brand as a thought leader. In addition, brands can use Guides as a lead generation tool, similar to how itโ€™s done on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. They can be used to share tips, tricks, and advice, which can then be continued on your companyโ€™s website through a link. Guides can also be a great way to introduce a brand on social media to new potential customers. Creating a Guide, for instance, using things that consumers have to say about the brand, or explaining the products and/or services offered, makes it easier to engage and get the hang of what your brand is offering.

These are just a few of the ways that your brand can leverage the Instagram Guide feature. Make sure to make the most of it by creating engaging, fun, and lead-generating content!