Chelyabinsk’s Top 3 Beauty & Cosmetics Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2023 – IMAI

In a world where people are obsessed with beauty and cosmetic products, it’s no surprise that Instagram has become a hub for influencers who specialize in these areas. Their followers look up to them for advice, tutorials, and product recommendations โ€“ and their influence stretches far beyond our screens.

But what happens when you live in a place like Chelyabinsk, a small city in Russia that rarely makes it onto the global stage? How do you find beauty influencers who speak your language, understand your culture, and cater to your unique beauty needs?

Well, in 2023, Chelyabinsk has three such influencers who have made a significant impact on the local beauty scene. These influencers aren’t just trending on Instagram, they’re also helping to shape the way people in Chelyabinsk think about beauty, self-care, and confidence.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to these three influential beauty and cosmetics Instagram influencers, and delve into how they’re making a difference in their community. So grab your favorite beauty products, settle in, and get ready to meet some inspiring women who are changing the game in Chelyabinsk.

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Chelyabinsk:

1. ะšะฃะ ะกะซ ะœะžะ”ะ•ะ›ะ˜ะ ะžะ’ะะะ˜ะฏ ะะžะ“ะขะ•ะ™ – @anna_rednails

Anna_rednails, a prominent beauty and cosmetics influencer from Chelyabinsk, has amassed a substantial following of 36,731 loyal fans on Instagram. With a whopping average of 62,181 views per TikTok, this social media sensation knows how to capture her audience’s attention.

Her impressive 17,273 average engagements per post and 47.03% engagement rate in posts prove just how much her followers love her. With her unique style, you’ll find courses on nail modeling and other beauty trends on her page.

Anna_rednails is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the beauty sphere.

Followers: 36,731

Engagement rate: 47.03%

Avg. engagement: 17,273

2. MAKEUP MENTOR ? – @yana_panfilovskaya

Makeup Mentor is a renowned influencer on Instagram hailing from Chelyabinsk. Known by the username yana_panfilovskaya, this beauty and cosmetics influencer has amassed a legion of 375,242 loyal followers. With an average of 62,181 views per TikTok, Makeup Mentor never fails to dazzle and delight her audience.

Her posts garner an average of 11,811 engagements per post and achieve an impressive 3.15% engagement rate.

Makeup Mentor is a name that needs no introduction in the world of Instagram.

Boasting 375,242 followers who eagerly await her next post, this influencer knows how to captivate her audience. Her TikTok videos average an impressive 62,181 views, and her posts enjoy an average of 11,811 engagements per post.

Her engagement rate of 3.15% speaks volumes about the quality of her content.

Meet the stunningly talented Makeup Mentor, the go-to influencer for all things beauty and cosmetics.

With a massive following of 375,242 followers, yana_panfilovskaya is a name that evokes glamour, style, and elegance. Her TikTok videos reel in an average of 62,181 views, and each post garners an average of 11,811 engagements, with an impressive engagement rate of 3.15%.

There’s no denying the influence of Makeup Mentor, the Chelyabinsk-based beauty and cosmetics influencer.

With a staggering 375,242 followers, yana_panfilovskaya is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. Her TikTok videos attract an average of 62,181 views, while her posts receive an average of 11,811 engagements. With an engagement rate of 3.15%, this influencer knows how to keep her followers engaged and satisfied.

Followers: 375,242

Engagement rate: 3.15%

Avg. engagement: 11,811

3. Sandra Dergunova – @d.aleksandria

Sandra Dergunova, also known by her Instagram username d.aleksandria, is a beauty and cosmetics influencer hailing from the city of Chelyabinsk. With a staggering 222,736 followers on the photo-sharing platform, it’s clear that Sandra has a dedicated audience of beauty enthusiasts who are eager to see what she’s up to.

On TikTok, Sandra averages an impressive 62,181 views per post, demonstrating her ability to captivate and engage her followers across multiple social media platforms. And with an average of 8,462 engagements per post on Instagram, it’s clear that Sandra’s content is resonating with her audience on a deep level.

Despite the highly competitive world of beauty influencers, Sandra has managed to maintain an impressive engagement rate of 3.8% on her Instagram posts. This speaks to the quality of her content, as well as her ability to connect with her followers and build a meaningful relationship with them.

Overall, Sandra Dergunova is a force to be reckoned with in the world of beauty and cosmetics, and it’s evident that her work is both impressive and highly influential. So if you’re looking for inspiration and insight into the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry, be sure to give Sandra a follow on Instagram and TikTok.

Followers: 222,736

Engagement rate: 3.8%

Avg. engagement: 8,462

The Long and Short of It:

In conclusion, beauty and cosmetics have come a long way in Chelyabinsk in 2023. Thanks to the amazing Instagram influencers who have worked tirelessly to create content that is both informative and entertaining, the world of beauty and self-care has taken a giant leap forward.

From the stunning transformations to the expert advice on skincare and makeup, these three influencers have captured the hearts of beauty fans across the city. Whether you are looking for inspiration, education, or just a bit of fun, you can be sure to find it on their Instagram pages.

So, if you’re looking to up your beauty game, we highly recommend following our top three Chelyabinsk beauty and cosmetics Instagram influencers. Not only will you get your daily dose of stunning visuals and useful beauty tips, but you’ll also be supporting local talent and helping to build a better beauty community in our city.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get scrolling!