Discover Sopot’s top 3 music Instagram influencers in 2023: who’s making the most noise – IMAI

Are you tired of listening to the same old boring tunes? Are you looking for exciting new music to add to your playlist? Look no further! We have rounded up the top 3 best music Instagram influencers based in Sopot for the year 2023. These influencers are not only talented musicians, but also experts in creating captivating content that’s perfect for your daily dose of musical inspiration.

But how did we come up with this list? We scoured the internet, read reviews, listened to their music and analyzed their Instagram accounts. We wanted to bring you the best of the best, and we’re confident that you’ll agree with our choices.

Get ready to discover your new favorite artists, and be prepared to be blown away by their unique sounds, infectious energy, and undeniable talent. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of music and discover the top 3 best music Instagram influencers at Sopot for 2023.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Sopot:

1. Kombii Oficjalny Profil – @kombiiband_official

Meet Kombii Oficjalny Profil, the music Instagram influencer from Sopot! With a whopping 4,140 followers and an impressive average view count of 317707 per TikTok, this artist knows just how to captivate an audience. But that’s not all – their average engagement per post is 176, with a 4.25% engagement rate to boot.

So what’s their secret? Perhaps it’s their incredible talent, or their captivating social media presence. Either way, Kombii Oficjalny Profil is definitely an influencer to watch.

Followers: 4,140

Engagement rate: 4.25%

Avg. engagement: 176

2. Michaล‚ Browarczyk Mibro – @djmibro

Residing in Sopot is a music Instagram influencer that goes by the name of Michaล‚ Browarczyk Mibro, also known as djmibro. Boasting a significant following of 2,779 individuals, Mibro is well-known among the TikTok community, with an average of 317,707 views per post.

While Mibro may not have the largest following, they make up for it with an enviable engagement rate of 2.84% and an average engagement of 79 per post.

Fans eagerly await Mibro’s next post as they never know what exciting new tracks will be featured.

Some say that Mibro’s unique genre-bending style is what sets them apart from other music influencers.

Could it be their impeccable taste in music or perhaps their uncanny ability to captivate their audience? Whatever it may be, it’s clear that Mibro continues to make waves in the music industry.

So if you are a music lover or simply appreciate stunning visuals and incredible talent, you won’t want to miss out on Michaล‚ Browarczyk Mibro’s top-notch content on Instagram.

Followers: 2,779

Engagement rate: 2.84%

Avg. engagement: 79

3. REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE – @rebelbabel

REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE is a top music Instagram influencer from Sopot with a whopping 2,083 followers. They have a significant presence on TikTok, boasting an impressive 317707 average views per post. Furthermore, they receive high levels of audience engagement with an average of 44 engagements per post and an outstanding 2.11% engagement rate.

This dynamic influencer is known for their unique style and unmatched musical talent, which sets them apart in the highly competitive world of music education. Despite their popularity and success, REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE remains humble, constantly striving to create fresh and innovative content for their followers.

For music lovers and aspiring influencers alike, REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring figures in their field.

Their success is a testament to their hard work, dedication and undying passion for music.

From their electrifying Instagram feed to their captivating TikTok videos, REBEL BABEL ENSEMBLE’s talent and creativity are undeniable.

With every post, they inspire and motivate their followers, creating a community of music enthusiasts that is unmatched in their industry.

Followers: 2,083

Engagement rate: 2.11%

Avg. engagement: 44


In conclusion, these Top 3 music Instagram influencers in Sopot are taking the digital world by storm like never before. They are without a doubt the best in the business, bringing fresh and unique content to the ever-evolving music industry.

Their creativity knows no bounds, and they have successfully mastered the art of captivating their audiences through stunning visuals, resonating messages, and spellbinding music.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a music enthusiast, following these influencers is an absolute must if you wish to stay ahead of the game.

From live performances to behind-the-scenes glimpses, their Instagram accounts give a peek into a world of music that is both exhilarating and inspiring.

With their fiery passion and relentless dedication towards their craft, these influencers are trailblazing a new path that sets the stage for the future of music.

So, hit that “Follow” button and join the ride as we witness some of the most iconic moments in music history unfold before our very eyes.

In the year 2023, we can only imagine what more these influencers have in store for us.

However, one thing is for sure – their journey will be nothing short of spectacular, and we can’t wait to be a part of it all. So, cheers to the Top 3 best music Instagram influencers at Sopot, and here’s to more greatness in the years to come!