Discover the 5 Leading Instagram Influencers in Timișoara’s Restaurant Food and Grocery Scene for 2023 – IMAI

Get ready for a drool-worthy journey through Timișoara’s most tantalizing restaurants, as we bring you the five food and grocery Instagram influencers you need to follow in 2023. From mouth-watering dishes to fine dining experiences, these top-rated influencers will take you on a flavorful adventure that will leave you craving for more.

Expect to be blown away by the variety of dishes available, the stunning presentation of meals on the plate, and the impeccable quality of ingredients used to make them. Whether you’re a foodie looking for your next gastronomic paradise, or just curious about the culinary scene in Timișoara, this list has got you covered.

So without further ado, get ready to satisfy all your cravings!

Top 5 restaurants, food & grocery Instagram influencers from Timișoara:

1. Deliciouslycris | Food&Travel – @deliciouslycris

Deliciouslycris is a Timișoara-based Instagram influencer and TikTok creator with quite a following. With the username deliciouslycris and 9,942 Followers, she has become quite adept at showcasing some of the city’s most delicious restaurants, delectable food, and tantalizing grocery finds.

Her intuitive and captivating storytelling takes viewers on a journey where the joy of food and travel meet.

On TikTok, her videos have an average of 62181 views while her posts have 215 average engagements per post, with a 2.16% engagement rate.

This is indicative of how her followers value her content and look forward to new posts.

It is no wonder that Deliciouslycris’ Instagram and TikTok accounts have become go-to sources for foodies in Timișoara and beyond.

Her ability to uncover hidden gems and create a unique perspective on well-known establishments is unmatched.

There is no slowing down for Deliciouslycris as she continues to capitalize on her thriving Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Her followers can expect a lot more scrumptious content in the future.

Followers: 9,942

Engagement rate: 2.16%

Avg. engagement: 215

2. Stepanian Gabriella – @dailymeal.ideas

Stepanian Gabriella is a popular Instagram influencer from Timișoara who goes by the username dailymeal.ideas. With 6,782 followers, she regularly shares her opinions and recommendations on the best restaurants, food, and grocery items. Gabriella also has a strong presence on TikTok with an average of 62,181 views per post, and she receives an average of 200 engagements per post.

Her posts have an impressive engagement rate of 2.95%, indicating that her content resonates well with her followers. Gabriella’s selection of restaurants and food ideas keeps her audiences excited and engaged. She has an excellent taste and an absolute passion for the culinary arts, and her fans have faith in her recommendations.

Whether it’s a new Indonesian restaurant in town or the latest vegan meat substitute, Gabriella’s dailymeal.ideas account keeps her followers constantly updated on the latest gastronomic trends. Gabriella’s distinct style and exceptional recommendations have earned her a reputable place amongst the food and grocery communities.

Her influence is easy to see in numerous posts by her followers who have tried and tested her recommendations and shared their personal experiences across social media.

Followers: 6,782

Engagement rate: 2.95%

Avg. engagement: 200

3. Claudia Mereu (Popa)??‍? – @p_claudia30

Meet Claudia Mereu, the Instagram influencer from Timișoara with a passion for all things food and grocery. With her username p_claudia30, she has amassed a following of 2,151 devoted foodies who can’t get enough of her expertise.

Not only that, but she’s also a popular figure on TikTok, with an impressive average of 62181 views per post!

Claudia’s posts are consistently engaging, with an average of 129 likes and comments per post. In fact, her engagement rate is an impressive 6.0%, which is a testament to her ability to connect with her audience.

What’s more, Claudia’s content is always fascinating and bursting with variability.

She showcases a huge range of restaurants across Timișoara, highlighting the finest dishes and flavors that the city has to offer.

Her posts are informative and helpful, allowing her followers to make informed decisions about where to dine. Meanwhile, Claudia’s recipe videos and grocery hauls are inspiring, helping to motivate her audience to try new things in the kitchen.

Overall, Claudia Mereu is a talented and knowledgeable influencer who brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the world of food and grocery. If you’re looking for inspiration, she’s definitely one to follow!

Followers: 2,151

Engagement rate: 6.0%

Avg. engagement: 129

4. Daniel Breda – @breda_daniel

Daniel Breda, the Instagram influencer hailing from Timișoara, has quite the following. With a username of breda_daniel, he boasts 4,801 loyal followers, each of whom can’t resist the mouth-watering food and grocery posts that he shares.

But it’s not just Instagram where he’s making his mark: Breda also has 62181 average views per TikTok, showcasing his culinary prowess in short bursts of video. And each post gets an average of 123 engagements, proving that he’s got his fans hooked.

With a respectable 2.56% engagement rate, it’s clear that Breda is a force to be reckoned with in the world of food and grocery Influencer fame.

Followers: 4,801

Engagement rate: 2.56%

Avg. engagement: 123

5. Limonadaria Nea Tica – @limonadarianeatica

Limonadaria Nea Tica is an Instagram influencer who has garnered a significant following in the Timișoara community. With 2,032 followers, their posts regularly receive high engagement, averaging 76 likes per post with a 3.74% engagement rate.

Their content focuses on the vibrant culinary scene in the city, showcasing a variety of restaurants, food, and grocery stores. From trendy cafes to local hidden gems, Limonadaria Nea Tica provides their followers with a glimpse into the diverse culinary landscape of Timișoara.

In addition to their Instagram presence, Limonadaria Nea Tica also boasts an impressive average of 62,181 views per TikTok video. With a knack for capturing mouth-watering shots of their favorite dishes, it’s no wonder their content has gained such popularity on multiple social media platforms.

Overall, Limonadaria Nea Tica is an influential figure in the Timișoara food scene, providing valuable recommendations and expertly curated content to their loyal followers.

Followers: 2,032

Engagement rate: 3.74%

Avg. engagement: 76

In Closing:

As we take our final bites,
And bid adieu to these culinary delights,
We cannot help but feel a sense of awe,
At the five top influencers we saw.

Their Instagram feeds had us drooling,
Over every dish and every seasoning,
And we couldn’t resist the temptation,
To visit these restaurants without hesitation.

From gourmet to street food,
They showed us the best of the neighborhood,
And with every photo, we could almost taste,
The flavors that they captured with great haste.

Groceries and markets, they covered it all,
And shone a light on local vendors big or small,
Their passion for food ignited our own,
And we’ll be forever grateful for what they’ve shown.

So here’s to these influencers, who made us discover,
The love for good food that we shall savor,
And as we leave Timișoara with a full belly,
We know that we have many more adventures in this city to revel.