Discover the hottest 3 Instagram influencers shaping West Dorset’s cars and motorbikes scene in 2023 – IMAI

Life moves fast, but we choose our vehicles even faster. With the winds of change and style sweeping across West Dorset, it’s not easy to keep up with the latest automotive trends.

But, we got you covered! We did the research, went through endless Instagram profiles, and compiled the top 3 trending cars and motorbikes influencers for the year 2023. Get ready to witness a stunning array of artful design, electrifying power, and impressive fuel efficiency.

Brace yourselves for a ride like never before, as we introduce you to the most influential Instagram personalities behind the wheels of the newest, sleekest machines in West Dorset. Buckle up and hold on tight – the journey is just about to begin!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from West Dorset:

1. Jake Robinson | Sim Racing – @kartinggeneral

Jake Robinson | Sim Racing is a social media influencer hailing from West Dorset, renowned for his expertise in cars and motorbikes. With a whopping 14,298 followers on Instagram, and an average of 53,243 views per TikTok, Jake’s influence in the world of racing and motoring is undisputed.

He has amassed an impressive average engagement rate of 7.2% in his posts, with an average of 1,029 engagements per post. With his username kartinggeneral, Jake Robinson | Sim Racing is a force to be reckoned with in the world of automobiles, and his content continues to engage and inspire countless fans across the globe.

Followers: 14,298

Engagement rate: 7.2%

Avg. engagement: 1,029

2. Lexus ISF – @rich_isf

Lexus ISF, the Instagram influencer from West Dorset, has certainly made a name for themselves in the world of cars and motorbikes. With a staggering 9,800 followers, it’s no surprise that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Their TikTok account also boasts an impressive 53,243 average views per post, and an average of 370 post engagements.

Numbers aside, what really speaks to Lexus ISF’s influence is their 3.78% engagement rate per post. That means that nearly 4% of their followers are actively engaging with their content, which is an impressive feat.

It’s safe to say that Lexus ISF is a go-to source for anyone looking for top-notch content related to all things vehicular. Their expertise, eye-catching posts, and undeniable influence within the industry have made them stand out amongst the crowd.

If you’re not following them yet, you’re missing out!

Followers: 9,800

Engagement rate: 3.78%

Avg. engagement: 370

3. Rachel Johnson – @rachsophjohnson

Rachel Johnson is a West Dorset based Instagram influencer who is best known for her love of cars and motorbikes. Her social media handle rachsophjohnson boasts an impressive 2,515 followers, and she has an impressive average of 53243 views per TikTok clip.

With an average engagement rate of 7.08% per post, it’s clear that her followers are passionate about her content. Her engagement rate is measured by an average of 178 engagements per post.

Rachel’s appeal lies in her ability to showcase a number of different vehicles, from vintage motorbikes to modern sports cars. Her content is often playful and engaging, with a nice balance between informative insights and entertaining moments that are sure to keep her followers coming back for more.

Despite her relatively small following, Rachel has established herself as a popular figure in the automotive world, and her sophisticated style and attention to detail make her a key figure in the world of influencers. Whether you’re a petrolhead, a fan of vintage bikes, or simply someone who loves captivating social media content, rachsophjohnson is a channel that’s well worth following.

Followers: 2,515

Engagement rate: 7.08%

Avg. engagement: 178


As we close this chapter on the Top 3 trending car and motorbike influencers on Instagram in West Dorset for 2023, one can’t help but feel that the wheels of change are turning. The automotive industry is bursting with innovation, and these influencers are at the forefront of it all.

From their daring road trips through winding roads to their high-speed maneuvers on the racetrack, these influencers are pushing the limits of what’s possible with a set of wheels. They are breaking barriers, inspiring and challenging those who follow them to take their passion for all things automotive to the next level.

But what sets these influencers apart is not just their love for cars and bikes. It’s their ability to connect with their audience and spark a flame of curiosity within them.

They are not just documenting their rides; they are sharing a vision, a lifestyle, and a message of hope.

So as we wave goodbye to the Top 3 trending car and motorbike influencers on Instagram in West Dorset for 2023, let us remember that they are not just influencers, they are leaders of a new generation.

A generation that values creativity, passion, and innovation over convention.

And who knows what the future holds for the world of automotive and its influencers.

Perhaps, we’ll see flying cars, hyperloops, or maybe even anti-gravity bikes. But one thing’s for sure, these influencers will be there, blazing a trail of inspiration for generations to come.