Discover the hottest Aqaba-based music TikTok influencers of 2023 our top 3 picks – IMAI

It’s hard to imagine the music scene of Aqaba without delving into TikTok’s wild world. The platform continues to create sensational music influencers that command attention, captivate an audience, and push the boundaries of creativity.

As we delve into 2023, the TikTok music landscape is at its most intriguing and diverse, with a myriad of genres, sounds, and personalities.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of TikTok music influencers in Aqaba, three of them stand tall, capturing the hearts of millions with their raw talent, creativity, and unique styles.

From heart-rending ballads to infectious pop tunes, each of these influencers has cemented their name in Aqaba’s music industry, and their songs have become the soundtrack of TikTok users.

So, what makes these three artists an unmissable part of Aqaba’s music landscape? In this blog post, we will explore the creative genius and unique attributes that make each artist an unforgettable presence in the TikTok world.

Get ready to be taken on a wild ride through the music, style, and personality of the three most exciting TikTok music influencers in Aqaba in 2023.

Top 3 music TikTok influencers from Aqaba:

1. Mohammad Agha – @aghawati

Meet TikTok influencer Mohammad Agha, a music enthusiast based in Aqaba whose username is aghawati. With 132,500 Instagram followers, Agha has a sizeable audience, and his average views per TikTok video stand at 180,598. Agha is a decidedly engaging content creator, evidenced by his 20,126 average engagements per post and his impressive 15.19% engagement rate.

But what sets Agha apart is his love for music, which he shares with his fans through his videos. Follow aghawati to discover more about this lively Aqaba-based musician!

Followers: 132,500

Engagement rate: 15.19%

Avg. engagement: 20,126

Avg. views: 180,598

2. B3chir Studio –

B3chir Studio is an influencer on TikTok hailing from Aqaba. With a handle of, this music expert is giving the scene a run for its money.

Boasting an impressive follower count of 109,500, B3chir Studio generates an average of 155430 views per TikTok post. The engagement levels are just as high, with an average of 6,784 engagements per post, and an engagement rate of 6.2%. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder that B3chir Studio is regarded highly in the influencer community.

A musical genius, B3chir Studio’s music is sure to hit all the right notes with his ardent followers.

Followers: 109,500

Engagement rate: 6.2%

Avg. engagement: 6,784

Avg. views: 155,430

3. ? ู…ุคู…ู† -Momin – @mominqatamin

Momin, the TikTok influencer from Aqaba, has been making waves in the music scene with his unique and captivating voice. With the username mominqatamin, he has amassed an impressive following of 6,019 fans who eagerly await his every post.

And it’s no wonder – with an average view count of 25,461, Momin’s content has an undeniably magnetic pull. But it’s not just the views that are impressive.

His posts are also garnering an average of 4,929 engagements, resulting in an impressive 81.89% engagement rate. Clearly, Momin is a force to be reckoned with on TikTok, and his fans can’t get enough of his music.

Followers: 6,019

Engagement rate: 81.89%

Avg. engagement: 4,929

Avg. views: 25,461


As we bid adieu to our exploration of the three TikTok music influencers from Aqaba of 2023, we can’t help but be enticed by the captivating rhythms and beats that have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. These rising stars have not only broken boundaries, but also shattered the conventional notions of what it means to create music in the digital age, all while managing to keep their audiences coming back for more.

From the mesmerizing melodies to the enchanting lyrics, this trio has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, leaving us in awe of their creative prowess. Indeed, we can only imagine what the future holds for these remarkable artists, but for now, we can revel in the harmonious union of music and technology that they have so brilliantly created.

So, as we say goodbye to this journey, we can’t help but be excited for what lies ahead in the world of TikTok music, and we eagerly await the next wave of musical trailblazers to take center stage. Until then, bye for now, and keep on grooving to the tunes of these phenomenal influencers!