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In a world dominated by social media, fashion influencers have become essential in shaping our style choices. Their ability to curate fashion content and promote high-end fashion products make them an integral part of the fashion industry.

And when it comes to fashion influencers in Santa Rosa, California, there are several who have caught our attention with their unique style and fashion sense.

From the latest designer handbags to the trendiest sneakers, these Instagram influencers have been setting the fashion bar high! They have become the go-to sources for fashion inspiration and trendsetting.

And, today, we’re excited to share with you the 3 best clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers in Santa Rosa.

Get ready to discover the most stylish and creative Instagram influencers who have been dominating the fashion space in Santa Rosa.

Their ensembles are captivating, their sense of style innovative, and their social media presence leaves us spellbound. Let’s find out who made the cut!

Top 3 clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories Instagram influencers from Santa Rosa:

1. nazaret martin – @nazmartinn

Nazaret Martin, an Instagram influencer from Santa Rosa, is known for her stunning wardrobe that includes stylish clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. With the username nazmartinn, she boasts a total of 2,057 followers on her social media account.

Her content on TikTok, on the other hand, has an average of 151,054 views per post, which indicates her growing popularity in the fashion and beauty industry.

What’s more impressive about Nazaret Martin is her average engagement rate of 17.89% in her posts, which shows that her followers are actively engaging and showing interest in her content.

Her posts also have a decent 368 average engagements per post, which highlights her influence and impact as an influencer.

Overall, Nazaret Martin is a sought-after fashion and beauty influencer, known for her chic and trendy fashion sense.

With her growing followers and high engagement rates, it’s no surprise that she’s become quite the name in the fashion industry.

Followers: 2,057

Engagement rate: 17.89%

Avg. engagement: 368

2. Yasmina Yerima – @yerima.yasmina

Yasmina Yerima is a fashion influencer from Santa Rosa who has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram under the username yerima.yasmina. With 1,929 followers, she showcases a wide spectrum of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories that appeal to her audience. Her content on TikTok is particularly popular, as she gets an average of 151054 views per post.

Her engagement rate per post on Instagram is particularly impressive, with an average engagement rate of 15.5%. This shows a strong relationship between her and her followers. Her posts have an average of 299 engagements each, making her one of the more popular content creators on the platform. Her content is perfect for anyone who enjoys staying on top of the latest fashion trends and likes discovering new pieces that they can incorporate into their wardrobe.

So, if you’re looking for a fashion influencer that’s worth following, Yasmina Yerima is someone you should definitely check out.

Followers: 1,929

Engagement rate: 15.5%

Avg. engagement: 299

3. lauren horrell (brinker) – @lauren_c_horrell

Lauren Horrell, a Santa Rosa Instagram influencer known for her expertise in clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories, has been making waves on social media under the username lauren_c_horrell. With a follower count of 1165, this fashionista has been able to capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

Her TikTok account is particularly popular, with an average view count of 151,054 per post.

Despite being a relatively new presence on the platform, she has already attained an average engagement of 183 per post with a staggering engagement rate of 15.71%. This shows that her followers are dedicated and passionate about the content she creates.

Lauren’s content is rich and vibrant, showcasing her passion for fashion and her ability to create stunning styles with a mix of clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Her followers can’t get enough of her fashion-forward outfits, and she has become a valuable resource for fashion inspiration.

Her fashion expertise and attention to detail have earned her a dedicated following, and she continues to inspire and motivate her followers to take their fashion sense to the next level. With her unique style and approach to fashion, Lauren Horrell is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, and she is set to leave her mark for years to come.

Followers: 1,165

Engagement rate: 15.71%

Avg. engagement: 183


And that brings us to the end of our journey through the top Instagram influencers for fashion in Santa Rosa. From stunning clothes that elevate your style game to chic shoes that make you stand out from the crowd, we’ve explored all the latest trends and insights.

But what truly sets these fashion icons apart is their keen eye for detail and their ability to accessorize flawlessly. From the most exquisite handbags to the trendiest jewelry pieces and outfits that ooze sophistication, these influencers have truly mastered the art of fashion curation.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to discover the latest must-haves, make sure to follow these movers and shakers on Instagram. Trust us, you won’t regret it!
What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into a world of fashion and style with the three best Instagram fashion influencers in Santa Rosa, 2023.

Get ready to turn heads and leave everyone in awe with your fashion choices this season. Remember, fashion is not just about what you wear, but also how you wear it!