Discover the most influential tobacco and smoking Instagram accounts in Buraidah Top 3 for 2023 – IMAI

Tobacco and smoking have been a part of human culture for centuries, and it’s no secret that the rise of social media has helped it maintain its popularity. Instagram, in particular, has become a hub for tobacco and smoking enthusiasts to share their passion with a global audience.

With the year 2023 upon us, it’s only natural to take a closer look at the top tobacco and smoking influencers on this platform, and today we’re focusing on Buraidah. From handmade cigars to luxurious hookah sessions, these three influencers have made a name for themselves through their captivating content and engaging personalities.

Buckle up for an exciting journey through the smoky world of tobacco and Instagram in Buraidah!

Top 3 tobacco & smoking Instagram influencers from Buraidah:

1. Hasan Khalid – @ha._sy

Meet Hasan Khalid, a popular Instagram influencer from Buraidah who goes by the username ha._sy. With over 1,217 followers, Hasan is known for his content on tobacco and smoking. On TikTok, he averages an impressive 468,290 views per post which is quite remarkable.

His posts also receive an average of 83 engagements which gives him an impressive engagement rate of 6.82%. These statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of his content to his followers. It’s no wonder his loyal fanbase keeps growing with every post he shares. From cigar reviews to smoking accessories and other content related to the tobacco industry, Hasan’s posts are a go-to for any smoking enthusiast.

Followers: 1,217

Engagement rate: 6.82%

Avg. engagement: 83

2. d7 – @the_cigar_box

d7, an Instagram influencer from Buraidah, has carved out a niche for themselves through their profile the_cigar_box, which is entirely dedicated to smoking and tobacco-related content. With 2,245 followers, d7 has garnered a considerable following on the platform, and their popularity only continues to grow.

On TikTok, the influencer averages 468,290 views per post, highlighting their success across multiple social media platforms.

In their posts, d7 shares their thoughts on smoking and tobacco products, offering a unique perspective on this often controversial subject.

While many followers are drawn in by the stunning visuals and intriguing captions, others are attracted to d7’s expertise in the space. Through their content, d7 has established themselves as an authority on all things related to tobacco, and their followers have come to trust their opinions and recommendations.

Despite the often contentious nature of smoking-related content, d7 has managed to cultivate an active and engaged following. Each post garners an average of 74 engagements, resulting in an impressive 3.3% engagement rate.

These numbers speak to the authenticity and relatability of d7’s content, which manages to strike a chord with their audience.

Overall, d7 is a prominent figure in the world of smoking and tobacco-related content, and their influence continues to grow with each passing day. From their stunning Instagram posts to their informative and entertaining TikTok videos, this influencer has cemented their place as a must-follow for anyone interested in the subject matter.

Followers: 2,245

Engagement rate: 3.3%

Avg. engagement: 74

3. Ghaith Ghazal – @ghaithgh

Ghaith Ghazal, an Instagram influencer based in Buraidah, has made a name for himself in the tobacco and smoking industry. As the owner of the username ghaithgh, Ghaith has managed to amass a total of 1,210 loyal followers on the platform.

It’s not just Instagram that Ghaith is popular on though. With an average of 468290 views per TikTok, Ghaith has solidified his status as a prominent figure in the smoking community.

This is further evidenced by the average of 70 engagements per post he receives on Instagram, indicating a high level of loyalty from his followers.

It’s not just the number of followers that make Ghaith an influential figure though; his posts are also highly engaging, earning a 5.79% engagement rate on Instagram. This suggests that his content is resonating with his audience and speaks to their interests and passions.

All in all, Ghaith Ghazal presents a compelling case as an influencer in the tobacco and smoking industry. With a large following, high engagement rates, and compelling content, he is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Followers: 1,210

Engagement rate: 5.79%

Avg. engagement: 70


As we wrap up our exploration of the top tobacco and smoking Instagram influencers in Buraidah for 2023, one thing remains crystal clear: these individuals are a force to be reckoned with. From their captivating social media presence to their undeniable impact on the smoking culture of Saudi Arabia, these influencers have made their mark in a world where blowing smoke is more than just a pastime, but a way of life.

But amidst the glamor and allure of their feeds, it’s important to remember the stark reality of tobacco addiction and its consequences. Behind the filters and perfectly posed pictures lie the stories of countless individuals who have fallen victim to the harmful effects of smoking.

And as we continue to celebrate these movers and shakers, let us also keep in mind the importance of staying vigilant and informed when it comes to our own health.

In the end, it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether or not we want to partake in this controversial lifestyle.

But with influencers like the ones we’ve explored today, it’s hard not to feel pulled in by their hypnotic power. So go forth, my friends, and take heed of the lessons these trendsetters have to teach us.

And who knows – maybe you’ll even become the fourth influencer on our list next year. The possibilities are endless.