Discover the top 3 art & design influencers on Instagram in Balasore for 2023 – IMAI

Art and design are the two industries that have always fascinated people with their beauty and innovation. And when it comes to getting inspiration, there is no better platform than Instagram.

Instagram has become a hub for creative minds who want to showcase their artistic flair to the world. In Balasore, a city in India, there are many such minds who have taken Instagram by storm with their unique and eye-catching designs.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the three highest art and design Instagram influencers in Balasore of 2023, who are making waves on this platform with their incredible talent and creativity. So brace yourself for an exciting ride into the world of art and design as we introduce you to some of the best influencers around!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Balasore:

1. ? sad shayari ? – @shayari_l_o_v_e_r_143

Shayari_l_o_v_e_r_143, also known as ? sad shayari ?, is an Instagram influencer from Balasore who posts engrossing art and design content. With 13,574 followers, their page boasts a substantial audience interested in their unique style.

Known for their abstract yet emotive creations, this influencer sets themselves apart from the crowd. With an average of 893 views per TikTok and a 7.98% engagement rate on Instagram, it’s clear that their followers are highly invested in their content.

Each post receives an average of 1,083 engagements, making this page highly influential in the art and design community.

Followers: 13,574

Engagement rate: 7.98%

Avg. engagement: 1,083

2. _Chinmay_Photography – @naturalphotography894

Chinmay_Photography is an Instagram influencer from Balasore whose username is naturalphotography894. This person is well-known for their exceptional talent in art and design, which has earned them a following of 3,918 people on Instagram.

Moreover, Chinmay_Photography has become quite popular on TikTok also, with an impressive 893 average views per video.

What’s more, their Instagram posts consistently get an average of 368 engagements, which speaks to their ability to captivate their followers. Their posts have a 9.39% engagement rate, which is higher than industry standards.

This artist’s name is synonymous with all things visual and creative. Follow Chinmay_Photography today to take a glimpse into a world of art and design.

This Balasore influencer is undoubtedly one to watch if you’re looking for inspiration and innovation in your feed.

Followers: 3,918

Engagement rate: 9.39%

Avg. engagement: 368

3. Akash – @akash_21_09

Akash, a popular Instagram influencer hailing from Balasore, showcases his talent in the world of art and design. With an impressive fan following of 1,472 on Instagram, he is known for his captivating and breathtaking illustrations that have caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of art lovers.

His username, akash_21_09, serves as a portal to his ever-growing portfolio of stunning artworks, which vary in style and technique. Along with his incredible talent, Akash’s exceptional social media marketing skills have helped him amass a large following on TikTok, with an average of 893 views per video.

Furthermore, he knows how to engage his followers and maintain their interest in his work, with an impressive engagement rate of 13.86% in his posts. His Instagram page is an accumulation of his incredible artworks, showcasing his versatility and his ability to use a variety of mediums, materials, and techniques to create visually stunning pieces.

With every post garnering an average of 204 engagements, it’s evident that his followers appreciate his work and are invested in his journey. It’s no surprise that he has cemented his place in the art world as one of the rising stars whose talent and skill are undeniable. Akash is a true inspiration to artists and designers worldwide, and with each new piece of artwork, he continues to captivate his followers and win the hearts of new admirers.

Followers: 1,472

Engagement rate: 13.86%

Avg. engagement: 204

The Long and Short of It:

As we conclude our journey through the Balasore Instagram art and design scene of 2023, it’s clear that these three influencers are lighting up the creative world.

From the striking visuals of Lila Das to the abstract masterworks of Ravi Kumar, we’ve seen the boundless potential of art and design in this ever-evolving era.

Indeed, it’s hard to overstate just how impactful these creators have been on the digital landscape, inspiring countless aspiring artists and designers to break free of tradition and forge their own path.

So whether you are a seasoned Aficionado, or simply seeking to explore the cutting edge of the contemporary art world.

The work of these influencers is sure to invigorate, challenge, and delight.

Thus, we must raise a glass to the fearless visionaries who remind us that art and design are limitless, and that the human spirit can still soar to new heights of creativity and imagination.

May their talents continue to inspire, ignite, and electrify. And who knows what other Instagram art and design surprises the future holds.