Discover the top 3 art & design Instagram influencers in Bordeaux for 2023 with unbeatable engagement – IMAI

Looking for some inspiration to brighten up your Instagram feed with creative and innovative art and design? Bordeaux may be the haven you need to tap into the minds of the most engaging Instagram influencers. The diversity and vibrancy of the art and design scene in this city are unparalleled, with a range of talented artists and designers showcasing their work through their Instagram pages.

From the breathtaking pieces of colorful street art to the intricately designed interiors and furniture pieces, each influencer bursts with their unique talent and vision. In this post, we are going to identify three of the most engaging art and design Instagram influencers in Bordeaux who will undoubtedly add a burst of creativity and beauty to your Instagram feed.

Take a breath and get ready to be blown away by their awe-inspiring works of art and design!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Bordeaux:

1. CAPARIN Franรงois? – @_anima__d

CAPARIN Franรงois is an Instagram influencer with a keen eye for art and design. Hailing from the city of Bordeaux, this creative individual has amassed a sizable following of 2,980 followers on the photo-sharing platform.

But that’s not all – their talent and eye for design have also earned them an average of 64,891 views per TikTok video, and their Instagram posts gain an average of 10,176 engagements per post, boasting a 341.48% engagement rate. It’s clear to see that their unique style and creative flair have struck a chord with design enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike.

With the username _anima__d, this influencer shares carefully curated images and videos that showcase the beauty and intricacies of art and design. From striking visual compositions to inspiring color palettes and gorgeous typography, CAPARIN Franรงois is a go-to source of inspiration and creativity for anyone looking to elevate their design game.

If you’re looking to add some fresh ideas to your art and design repertoire, be sure to follow this captivating influencer!

Followers: 2,980

Engagement rate: 341.48%

Avg. engagement: 10,176

2. Kev Tex – @kev.tex

Kev Tex, the artistic influencer with an immense social media following, hails from the picturesque city of Bordeaux. His creative flair is on full display on his Instagram page, kev.tex, boasting a staggering 57,703 followers. But that’s not all! As per his TikTok stats, he garners an average of 64,891 views per post, a true testament to his compelling and visually stunning content.

Additionally, Kev Tex enjoys an average engagement rate of 13.42% on his social media posts, with his followers showering him with 7,741 average engagements per post. With such a stellar online presence, it’s no surprise that Kev Tex is making quite the name for himself as a leading art and design influencer.

Followers: 57,703

Engagement rate: 13.42%

Avg. engagement: 7,741

3. โšก?????โšก – @elips___

Elips is an Instagram influencer hailing from Bordeaux who is all about art and design. Going by the moniker โšก?????โšก, they boast an impressive 65,124 followers on Instagram, making them a force to be reckoned with in the social media world.

The influencer’s content is clearly resonating with their audience, as they receive an average of 64,891 views per TikTok video and 6,843 average engagements per post. This engagement rate is nothing to sneeze at, as it sits at a staggering 10.51%. Elips’ feed is bursting with eye-catching content, making them a must-follow for anyone who is passionate about art and design.

If you’re looking for inspiration and creative ideas, look no further than this rising star from Bordeaux.

Followers: 65,124

Engagement rate: 10.51%

Avg. engagement: 6,843

The Long and Short of It:

As we wrap up this post, it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the creative magnificence of these three Instagram influencers at Bordeaux for 2023. From abstract art to intricate designs, they have truly captivated our hearts and minds.

With every post, they transport us to a world of endless possibilities and show us the power of artistic expression. Their unique styles and techniques leave us in awe, often bringing out emotions we didn’t even know we had.

Each of these influencers has a way of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Their stunning use of color, form, and texture opens our eyes to a whole new world of creativity.

So whether you’re an art lover or just starting to explore the world of design, make sure to follow these incredible Instagram accounts. Take inspiration from their work and start to unleash your own inner artist too.

After all, we all have a creative spark within us, waiting to be ignited. And with the guidance of these incredible artists, the possibilities are truly limitless.

So let’s keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep expressing ourselves through the wonderful world of art and design.