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Severodvinsk, the beautiful city of Russia, is buzzing with beauty and cosmetics influencers who are redefining the industry in 2023. These influencers are not just about promoting products but sharing their passion for beauty with their followers. Their Instagram pages are a treasure trove of skincare routines, makeup tutorials, and beauty hacks that can transform anyone into a diva.

From the effortless glow of Olga, the makeup artist, to the sophisticated elegance of Yana, the beauty blogger, and the avant-garde creativity of Sasha, the hairstylist, they bring in uniqueness in their skills, techniques, and personalities. Their influential voices have a great impact on the industry, inspiring countless individuals and brands firms to follow their footsteps.

Through their consistent posts with captivating images and videos, they have become the go-to authorities on beauty trends, hot products, and insider tips. Their witty captions, in-depth reviews, and authentic stories blur the lines between followers and friends, making them a part of their daily lives.

In this article, we will explore the stories behind these three leading beauty and cosmetic influencers of Severodvinsk, and how their expertise has earned them a loyal following of millions.

Top 3 beauty & cosmetics Instagram influencers from Severodvinsk:

1. Viktoria? – @viktoria.rogozina

Viktoria, known on Instagram as viktoria.rogozina, is an iconic beauty and cosmetics influencer hailing from Severodvinsk. With a whopping 1,785 followers and an average of 1881 TikTok views per post, it’s no wonder this stunning influencer captures the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

It’s no secret that Viktoria has a unique way of captivating her audience, with content that showcases her expertise in all things makeup, skincare, and beauty. Her dazzling posts have an impressive 7.84% engagement rate, with 140 average engagements per post.

Weaving together words and images with a bursty yet informative style, Viktoria ~like many other online influencers~ has mastered the art of curating beautiful content that leaves a lasting impression on her followers. From exquisite makeup tutorials to skincare routines that promote healthy, glowing skin, Viktoria offers a wealth of information and inspiration to those who seek it.

In summary, Viktoria rogozina is an influencer who represents the beauty and cosmetic industry with grace and expertise.

With her vast knowledge and stunning aesthetic, it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people follow her every move.

Followers: 1,785

Engagement rate: 7.84%

Avg. engagement: 140

2. МАНИКЮР • КУРСЫ • ВИЗУАЛ • СЕВЕРОДВИНСК – @karina_galanina_

Karina Galanina, an Instagram influencer hailing from Severodvinsk, is a prominent figure in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Known for her expertise in nail care and makeup, she has amassed a following of 4,425 on the popular social media platform.

With a staggering 1881 average views per TikTok, it’s clear that her content resonates with her audience. Her impressive engagement rate of 2.33% further solidifies her influence in the industry, with an average of 103 engagements per post.

Karina Galanina’s beauty expertise is not to be underestimated, as she consistently delivers informative and inspiring content to her followers.

Followers: 4,425

Engagement rate: 2.33%

Avg. engagement: 103

3. МАНИКЮР | ОБУЧЕНИЕ | МУРМАНСК – @mass.nailschool

Mass.nailschool is a prominent beauty and cosmetics influencer from Severodvinsk, famous for her stunning manicures and exquisite tutorials. With over 1,000 followers on Instagram and an average view of 1,881 per TikTok, she has captured the hearts of many of her fans.

Her posts indicate that she receives an average of 31 engagements and a 3.01% engagement rate, allowing her to maintain an impressive level of interaction with her followers.

Mass.nailschool’s beauty repertoire includes essential tips on nail care, makeup techniques, and hairstyles. From how to use eyebrow gel to achieve the perfect arch to tutorials on using different shades of lipsticks, she remains focused on providing educational content for her followers.

As a true influencer, Mass.

nailschool exudes a unique style that celebrates different cultures, designs, and aesthetics. Her content is engaging and diverse, ranging from intricate nail arts to eye-catching contouring techniques.

Her love for beauty is evident in each post, and her followers recognize the effort she puts into every detail.

Overall, Mass.

nailschool is an inspiration to many aspiring beauty influencers, and her impact on the beauty world is not to be underestimated. Her creativity, expertise, and dedication towards beauty has attracted a vast following on social media, and her influence shows no signs of slowing down.

Followers: 1,029

Engagement rate: 3.01%

Avg. engagement: 31

In Closing:

In conclusion, the three leading beauty and cosmetics Instagram influencers of Severodvinsk in 2023 have certainly captured the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. It’s fascinating to observe how these social media mavens have turned their passion for all things beauty into a full-blown career.

Their daily posts are like a window into their lives, showcasing their unique style and beauty techniques.

It’s interesting to see how these influencers have taken beauty trends and twisted them into something unique to them, setting them apart from others in their space.

They have each created their own signature looks and brands that have garnered them massive followings and sponsorships with beauty brands.

While some may argue that social media influencers are not legitimate representatives of the beauty industry, there’s no denying the tremendous influence they have on consumers.

They serve as a source of inspiration for many, always pushing the boundaries and introducing new techniques and products.

As we move forward in this digital age, it’s clear that the beauty industry will continue to evolve, and these influencers will continue to play a crucial part in it.

Who knows what trends and techniques will emerge next, but we can be sure that these three beauty gurus will be right there, leading the charge. So let’s keep an eye on them, and see what they’ll accomplish next!