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When you think of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, photography might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, this small city in India has a surprisingly active and talented community of camera and photography enthusiasts.

In fact, some of the most impressive and innovative Instagram accounts in the world of photography can be found right here in Pratapgarh. From stunning landscapes to candid portraits and everything in between, the top three leading camera and photography Instagram influencers of 2023 in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh are a sight to behold.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into their incredible work and how they became the shining stars of this city’s creative scene.

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh:

1. Aditya Rajput – @mr._adi____

Mr. Adi is an Instagram influencer hailing from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, renowned for his stunning photography skills and impressive camera techniques. With over 4,636 followers, Mr.

Adi’s work has managed to capture the attention of a significant following base, including those that reach an average of 151054 views per TikTok.

His posts are always engaging, and his followers can’t seem to get enough of him, resulting in an average of 81,434 engagements per post and an engagement rate of 1756.56%. Mr. Adi’s Instagram account provides a glimpse into the world of photography, where he showcases his talent by capturing beautiful moments through his lens.

Mr. Adi’s account exudes a certain level of intrigue, and his followers are left mesmerized by the unique approach he takes to photography.

His Instagram is an excellent platform for photography enthusiasts to get inspiration and learn tips and tricks from a professional.

Followers: 4,636

Engagement rate: 1756.56%

Avg. engagement: 81,434

2. NAMAN DWIVEDI | TECH – @androwide

Naman Dwivedi is a renowned camera and photography influencer who hails from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. You may know him better by his username, Androwide, which has garnered a massive following of 134,844 users on Instagram alone.

On TikTok, Naman’s videos average 151,054 views per post, while his photographs and insights on Instagram receive an average of 6,805 engagements. With an impressive engagement rate of 5.05%, it’s clear that Naman’s content resonates well with his audience. This talented creator is undoubtedly passionate about the world of photography, and one can’t help but feel impressed by his mastery of the craft.

Followers: 134,844

Engagement rate: 5.05%

Avg. engagement: 6,805

3. Naurej Khan – @nawreaj__khan

Naurej Khan, the Instagram influencer hailing from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, has made quite a name for himself in the world of camera and photography. With a staggering 50,773 followers, it’s clear that his dedication to capturing the perfect shot has not gone unnoticed by the online community.

In fact, his TikTok posts have been viewed an impressive 151,054 times on average, with an average engagement rate of 8.8% per post -a true testament to Khan’s ability to inspire and captivate his audience. Additionally, with an average of 4,466 engagements per post, it’s clear that his followers are not only viewing his content but actively engaging with it on a regular basis.

It’s safe to say that Khan is paving the way for Indian photographers on social media, captivating audiences and inspiring countless individuals to pursue their passion for photography.

Followers: 50,773

Engagement rate: 8.8%

Avg. engagement: 4,466

In Short:

And that, my dear readers, concludes our journey into the world of camera and photography Instagram influencers of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh in 2023. We hope this piece has inspired you to embrace your inner shutterbug and explore the magic of the lens.

From capturing the beauty of the mundane to freezing moments that take our breath away, these three influencers have truly made a mark in the world of photography. Their masterful use of light, angles, and composition is something to aspire to and learn from.

Remember, greatness is a journey, not a destination. It takes patience, persistence, and practice to develop your skills and create a unique style that sets you apart.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, take risks, and push your limits. You never know where it may lead you.

So go ahead, pick up that camera, and unleash your creativity. Capture your world one frame at a time and tell your story in a way that only you can.

And as always, keep following our blog for more inspiring stories and insights on the world of photography. Until next time, keep clicking, keep creating, and keep inspiring.