Discover the top 3 cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers in Brainerd for 2023 with exceptional engagement – IMAI

In a world where social media rules our lives, Instagram has proven to be the ultimate platform for influencers to showcase their personalities and lifestyles. And in Brainerd, Minnesota, the automotive scene is at an all-time high with some of the most captivating cars and motorbikes influencers taking over the gram.

From sleek Lamborghinis to rugged Harley Davidsons, these influencers know how to capture the attention of their followers – and keep them hooked. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top three most engaging cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers of Brainerd in 2023.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Brainerd:

1. Gabe Jukish – @gabe.jukish4x

With a massive following of 4,831 users and an average of 397 views per TikTok, Gabe Jukish is an Instagram influencer with a love for cars and motorbikes. With a username of gabe.jukish4x, he has made a name in the Brainerd community as a passionate gearhead.

His posts and content boast an impressively high engagement rate of 28.21% and an average of 1,363 engagements per post. As a result, it’s evident that Gabe Jukish has established himself as an influencer to watch in the automotive space on Instagram.

With his content growing more popular with each passing day, Gabe Jukish is certainly a name worth keeping an eye on in the automotive industry.

Followers: 4,831

Engagement rate: 28.21%

Avg. engagement: 1,363

2. Dakota Johnson – @mirubyrado

Mirubyrado, the Instagram influencer hailing from Brainerd, is known for their captivating content in the world of cars and motorbikes. With a following of 2,250 on the app, their content has an average of 397 views per TikTok, a solid indication of a growing audience.

But it’s their engagement rate that truly stands out. At 9.64%, each of their posts generates an average of 217 engagements. That’s a testament to the influence they’ve generated in their niche. Dakota Johnson, the mind behind the mirubyrado handle, seems to have tapped into something special here.

Despite their relatively small following, their fans stay loyal and engaged with their content. It’s an indicator that they have a unique voice in the world of car and bike enthusiasts.

With such impressive engagement and potential for growth, it’s worth keeping an eye on mirubyrado in the future.

Followers: 2,250

Engagement rate: 9.64%

Avg. engagement: 217

3. Digital Ink Design & Graphics – @digital_ink_design_graphics

Digital Ink Design & Graphics is one of the most sought-after Instagram influencers in Brainerd, boasting of an impressive following of 1,059 people on the platform. With their unique content and approach to showcasing the beauty of cars and motorbikes, Digital Ink Design & Graphics has been able to maintain an average of 397 views per TikTok video, with an average of 31 engagements per post.

This translates to an engagement rate of 2.93% in their posts, which is remarkable by all standards. It’s clear that Digital Ink Design & Graphics is passionate about what they do, and their followers are equally as passionate about their content.

If you’re looking to stay updated on the latest trends in the car and motorbike world, then following Digital Ink Design & Graphics is a must!

Followers: 1,059

Engagement rate: 2.93%

Avg. engagement: 31


And there you have it, folks โ€“ the crรจme de la crรจme of Brainerd’s Instagram influencer scene. From classic muscle cars to sleek, cutting-edge superbikes, these three influencers are shaking up the social media world with their stunning content and ride-or-die attitudes.

Whether you’re a gearhead, a thrill-seeker, or simply someone who appreciates top-notch photography, there’s no denying the allure of these automotive influencers. So go ahead and give them a follow โ€“ trust us, your Instagram feed will thank you.

Who knows โ€“ maybe one day you’ll even be lucky enough to ride shotgun alongside one of these social media powerhouses. Until then, keep dreaming and keep scrolling.

The winding roads of Brainerd await, and so does the exciting world of automotive Instagram.