Discover the top 3 Cologne-based Instagram influencers in the jewellery and watches niche in 2023 – IMAI

In an age where social media rules the world, it’s no surprise that Instagram has become a go-to platform for influencers in the fashion industry. And when it comes to jewellery and watches, there are a select few who have captured the hearts of millions with their unique style and eye-catching posts.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the 3 spectacular jewellery & watches Instagram influencers of Cologne in 2023. These individuals have managed to capture the essence of luxury and elegance in their feeds, grabbing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

From intricate diamond pieces to sleek timepieces, these influencers are taking the world of jewellery by storm. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these amazing individuals and explore what makes them so special.

Top 3 jewellery & watches Instagram influencers from Cologne:

1. Patrick Stachel – @patrickthesting

Patrick Stachel, also known as patrickthesting, is a Cologne-based influencer whose social media influence is centered around jewellery and watches. With 5,372 loyal followers, Patrick has built a digital space that showcases the latest trends and hottest pieces in the jewellery and watch-making industry.

An influencer to watch out for, Patrick has amassed an impressive average view count of 307706 per TikTok video, with 191 average engagements per post, highlighting the level of engagement he has fostered amongst his followers. Moreover, the engagement rate on his posts is a remarkable 3.56%, indicating that his content resonates with his audience on a deeper level.

Through his carefully curated content, Patrick has managed to become an authority in jewellery and watch trends, enabling brands to reach out to him to collaborate on sponsored posts, beaming a spotlight on his enviable knowledge and aesthetic.

Undeniably, Patrick’s journey has been fueled by his passion for jewellery and watches, and with persistence and dedication, he has created a digital persona that speaks to his audience on a personal level. Get ready to be dazzled by Patrick Stachel and his journey in the world of jewellery and watches.

Followers: 5,372

Engagement rate: 3.56%

Avg. engagement: 191

2. federhaus / Alex – @federhaus

Federhaus, also known as Alex, is a prominent Instagram influencer hailing from Cologne, Germany. Known primarily for their expertise in jewellery and watches, Federhaus has amassed quite a following with 1,109 followers on Instagram.

Besides, the influencer boasts an impressive track record on TikTok with 307,706 average views per post, indicating their popularity on the platform. On average, Federhaus receives 129 engagements per Instagram post, with an 11.63% engagement rate, a measure of how well their audience connects with their content.

Federhaus instills an air of sophistication, with an impeccable sense of style that showcases their love of jewellery, especially with a focus on elegant watches. Always at the forefront of all the latest trends in jewellery design, Federhaus never fails to impress their followers with their stroke of genius that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Followers: 1,109

Engagement rate: 11.63%

Avg. engagement: 129

3. ALTHERR – @altherr1957

With almost 5000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 average views per TikTok, ALTHERR – the Cologne-based jewellery and watches influencer – is certainly making her mark on the digital world. Her username, altherr1957, hints at a certain level of sophistication and experience, which is borne out in her engagement rate of 2.42%. What’s more, her posts receive an impressive average of 114 engagements each, suggesting that she has cultivated a loyal and engaged audience.

However, there is still something enigmatic about ALTHERR – perhaps it’s her seemingly low-key approach to branding, or the fact that her profile offers little information about her beyond her location and passion for jewellery and watches. Whatever it is, it seems to be working: ALTHERR is a tastemaker to watch.

Followers: 4,713

Engagement rate: 2.42%

Avg. engagement: 114

End Note:

As we conclude this exploration into the world of jewellery and watches Instagram influencers, we hope to have opened your eyes to a new world of visual splendour and fashion accessories.

From the breathtaking artistry of Johanna Schultz, to the eclectic style of Fabian Krรคmer, and the timeless elegance of Sabine Kรถnig, these three spectacular influencers have certainly made their mark on the Cologne creative scene.

Their bold, innovative approach to crafting unforgettable pieces has earned them a loyal following, and the attention of style mavens and trendsetters alike.

In an age where social media has become the new frontier for fashion and design, these three influencers have risen to become the leaders of this cultural revolution.

So whether you’re looking to elevate your style game or simply appreciate stunning jewellery and watches, make sure to keep an eye on these influencers in the years to come.

Who knows what jaw-dropping designs and groundbreaking concepts they’ll come up with next? One thing’s for sure – you won’t want to miss a moment.