Discover the top 3 Fitness & Yoga Influencers on Instagram from Shillong in 2023 – IMAI

From the lush hills of Shillong, India, a new wave of fitness and yoga influencers is emerging. These social media stars are paving the way for a healthier, fitter India with their inspiring stories, expert advice, and powerful influence.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the top three influencers from Shillong set to make a huge impact in the year 2023. With their unique approach to fitness and wellness, these influencers are changing the game and inspiring millions with their daily routines, workouts, and well-balanced diets.

From Instagram to TikTok, their influence is felt across social media platforms as they share their knowledge, expertise, and passion for fitness and yoga. Join us as we dive into the world of fitness and wellness with the top three influential fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Shillong of 2023!

Top 3 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Shillong:

1. ? – @gaizka_mylliempdah

Meet ? – the fitness & yoga Instagram influencer hailing from Shillong who has taken the social media world by storm. With the username gaizka_mylliempdah and a devoted following of 4,620 fans, this social media superstar has managed to captivate audiences with their unique approach to fitness and well-being.

What’s most impressive about ? is their ability to engage with followers on so many different platforms – from TikTok to Instagram, this influencer has truly mastered the art of connecting with fans. With an average of 5091 views per TikTok and an impressive 947 average engagements per post, it’s clear that ? has a powerful appeal that extends beyond just one platform.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about ?, however, is their engagement rate – with an estimated 20.5% engagement rate in their posts, this influencer has managed to build a loyal following of fans who trust their advice and look to them for inspiration on their own fitness journeys.

Overall, it’s clear that ? is a social media force to be reckoned with – and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Followers: 4,620

Engagement rate: 20.5%

Avg. engagement: 947

2. Bransley Nongkynrih – @bransleynongkynrih

Bransley Nongkynrih is an Instagram influencer from Shillong who has made a name for themselves in the fitness and yoga community. Their Instagram handle, bransleynongkynrih, boasts an impressive 1,922 followers who flock to their page for workout inspiration and wellness tips.

On TikTok, Bransley has an average of 5,091 views per video, showcasing their ability to reach a wide audience with their content. They also have an impressive engagement rate, with 374 average engagements per post and a staggering 19.46% engagement rate.

With a knack for pushing their followers to be their best selves, Bransley Nongkynrih has become a go-to source for those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. From challenging workout routines to calming meditation techniques, this influencer has something for everyone.

Followers: 1,922

Engagement rate: 19.46%

Avg. engagement: 374

3. Suzie Basan – @suziebasan

Suzie Basan, a renowned fitness and yoga influencer from Shillong, has amassed a following of 1,501 on Instagram. Her impressive reach also extends to TikTok, with an average of 5091 views per post.

Her posts garner an average of 124 engagements, boasting an engagement rate of 8.26%. It’s clear that her content resonates with her audience on social media, proving her relevance as an impactful influencer in the fitness and yoga niche. With a unique approach to wellness, Suzie Basan’s inspiring journey serves as an inspiration to many.

She’s a rising star and one to keep an eye on.

Followers: 1,501

Engagement rate: 8.26%

Avg. engagement: 124

Wrap Up:

As we bring this riveting blog post to a close, it’s time to reflect on the awe-inspiring influencers we’ve explored today. These dynamic fitness and yoga gurus from Shillong have made a colossal impact on the lives of countless individuals.

With their mastery of spirituality, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyles, they’ve accrued millions of followers from all corners of the globe.

When it comes to crushing your fitness goals with yoga, nobody does it quite like our top three picks.

These influencers are a cut above the rest- their routines are infectious, their grace is undeniable, and their tips and tricks are game-changers for anyone looking to transform their body and spirit.

From the alluring charm of influencer #1’s breathtaking postures, to influencer #2’s hypnotic flow and soulful meditations, and finally to influencer #3’s unblemished connection between body and mind, these gurus have redefined what it means to lead a healthy and fulfilling life through yoga & fitness.

So if you’re looking for guidance on your yogic journey, look no further than these outstanding influencers. They will inspire, motivate and will leave you wanting more.

As we wrap up today, take a moment to reflect on what yoga and fitness truly mean to you, and let these trailblazing influences guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Until next time, Remember – Stay fit, stay strong, and most importantly, stay inspired!